Friday, July 30, 2010

Today's news in Arizona and beating the heat!

Connie is helping me to beat the heat in hot hot Arizona with this cute graphic.
I also got news today that my friend Joyce Gittoes has been nominated for an 'Ari-zoni' award for her acting performance in "A Lesson Before Dying." I reviewed this production some time ago and thought Joyce did a wonderful job. She wrote me that the show has achieved 9 zoni nominations, which I thought it deserved as it was a very moving production with a good script, good direction, and actors. You could not ask for anything more. Congratulations, Joyce, I hope you win!

Joyce is standing here in front of the Viad Building which houses the playhouse in the park.

We had a sad day in Arizona yesterday as three undercover police officers making a drug buy were shot, one fatally, in a house where thousands of dollars worth of marijuana was found. One officer has been released and one is still in the hospital. In this case, no tie to illegals has been found among the shooters who apparently decided to rob the undercover officers.
The federal government was expected to reject Arizona's leadership in stemming the flow of illegals into our state every way possible, so the Judge's action on the bill SB1070 was not unexpected. However, I highly recommend that you go to The First Amendment: Not Politically Correct, a blog on my blog list that gives you some scary information about the nationalities of illegals flowing into this country. If nothing else will, this blog entry will convince you our borders are not secure! National Security according to this blog entry is somewhat of a joke when as many illegals can cross our borders as they do.
I have not had too much play on my video. I know that the democrats are trying to suppress this topic of discussion as much as possible because the Federal government is not prepared to act on illegal immigration very soon. People get tired of a hot issue eventually and go on to other concerns as well, but I still feel pretty emotional about it. I have always thought such a porous border threatened national security. It is just too easy for dangerous people to get into our country! I think people are right to get more alarmed. I do not think people should be allowed to break the law with such impunity. It takes about 13 years of constant gunfire around your apartment to convince you that one act that is illegal often leads to many more.
So I think we citizens need to keep this issue on our agenda as something our government needs to address!
In the meantime, I hope I can swim today! The water feels great! That's the best way I know of to beat the heat in Arizona.


Amrita said...

Connie is a genius. Thi s graphic i s super.

I would like to read Joyce 's play, if its available online.

Swim and stay cool Gerry.

Sorry about the police officers. May officers are laying down their lives for our sakes and a safe society.Here they have to fight against communist (Maoist) insurgents.

Amrita said...

I have an India video on my blog, thought you might be interested in it, since you like culturaal exchange. said...

Interesting about Joyce and the possible awards..I hope she gets one too. Love the flowers..we must have needed to post some.
I'll have to check out Amrita's video.

Gerry said...

Amrita, "A Lesson Before Dying" was adapted from the famous novel by that name, a very powerful script about a young man sentenced to die, and a mother figure wanting him to have lessons from a school teacher and a preacher before he has to die! Joyce played the mother figure who takes him food in prison. The young man was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Which was the major reason he was dying. So the script is not online, but you might be able to find the book by the same name.


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