Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dante's summer plans

Dante said Grandma I want to come over to your house and make a video. He said he wanted to do a monologue but had to think about it. After two hours he decided he could not be ready with a monologue this time so he told me to interview him. I always interrogate him when he comes to visit me to find out about his life, so he is used to that format! Doc said his grandma did not do that. I thought all grandmas interrogated their grandsons and tried to get us much infor out of them as possible in the interests of heading off trouble.
By the way Dante is the same age his dad was in the Prince of Saturn. Dan is Johnny, of course. Now he has a son the same age he was at that rather stressful time in our lives. I am happy that Dante has a dad while Dan's Dad he has only seen about twice. He never interacted with him. I would call him and Dante friends, so that is a plus for both of them!


Paula said...

Like the picture in the header. You can just see the love there. I'm so glad Dante has both his Dad and you in his life.

Missie said...

I think it's great that he lets you interview him.

Have a good night.

Ann said...

He's just like his dad - trying to shock the public, saying what would cause alarm! What a handsome boy...I hope he doesn't get to do what he plans...that he'll just have fun. Us grannies do worry about these kids looking for adventure.

Pamela said...

He is quite a character!! I think he is so handsome! It's so cool that he lets you interview him. Love his smile. I hope that he gets to have a wonderful summer!


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