Monday, May 4, 2009

scarred to the bone

I never thought

I would be so glad

to see her

back from wherever

she had to go

the strength in her questions

about you

willing to put all jealousy

aside to welcome everyone

who wants you to live

into her circle

I knew that she could help you

after she said that you

bled in her car

when she was taking you

to the doctor

after that homeless guy

slashed your arm with a razor

I could not have done that

I do not have the strength

and you need someone strong

to help you now

someone who has seen you

at your worst

and still wants to help you

scarred to the bone

you dont have much of a shot

of living now

she is the one

you must lean on

I know she is your

only hope



Anonymous said...

I think you have strength, but you have probably come to a point in your life where that strength is best used on people who actually want help. ~Mary

Connies Photos said...

Oh Gerry -You 'are' strong...stronger than most!! Just ask Doc-he knows....
Luv ya...


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