Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grandson Jamal graduates from high school

This young man has I don't think scarcely given anyone trouble his whole life. He was the quietest child. You could not ignore his quietness. You noticed it. In our loud mouth family it made him stand out.
I was surprised because he expressed such an interest in learning how to read. He could read before he ever went to kindergarten. That was fun. He was always looking for words, wherever we went, on billboards, on the sides of trucks, he would say, "Grandma, look, frito-lay-chips!" And of course on TV. It is funny how someone focuses on something if they aspire to master a skill. He and I were close as can be after his mom went back to finish college, and I looked after him during the day. Until she met and married the man who became a caring step dad to him. The only trouble he gave me was wanting to play games too long!
He has turned out to be the most gifted in math, but he stayed in the gifted classes all his school years.
He will be going to ASU this fall to major in business with a scholarship that will pay for his tuition as long as he keeps his grades up. He earned this Presidential scholarship with his good grades in high school.
Here he is when he was just starting out with his Uncle Dan.

He and I are taking a nap together. I think we look alike somehow here.

He is lifting his little brother, Ethan, here.

And of course his hair always looked different, dependng on the length, but everyone was fascinated with his hair. When he had some big hair about the same height as in this picture, his little cousin Dante who just started to walk came up behind him, look speculatively at that hair, and suddenly reached out and grabbed it with his little hands and pummeled it as fast as he could. It was so funny, but Jamal yelled, and Dante was dragged away. He tried a 'fro in high school, and then suddenly had it trimmed one day, and I dont know if we will ever see big hair on him again. Here he is with some big hair due mostly to his mom being too busy to cut it.

One of my favorite photos of him that I took at the civic center when his mom was graduating as a nurse last year.


Connies Photos said...


Amrita said...

Jamal is a handsome & intelligent guy. Congratulations.
Somehow he looks so Asian to me.Maybe its the hair color.

All the photos are very nice. I like your new profile photo.

Jeanie said...

Congratulations to Jamal!
What a handsome grandson you have!
I know you are one proud grandma to have been blessed by watching him grow up into such a fine young man.
All the very best to him for his future. Well done to him!!
Jeanie xxx

sober white women said...

good for him! It is great to see all these children graduating high school. I have told my children that you MUST graduate. Lets face it you can't really do anything without a deploma.
Three cheers for your grandson.

Ann said...

I think this graduation picture is so good. I also like the one you like with that big smile. He was such a cute baby! It is a big step when the grandkids go out into the world. Interesting.

LaRena said...

I found all of the photos of Jamal very touching. It was charming how you took him from baby hood to adult. What a kid!!

Missie said...

Congratulations to your grandson!

Sugar said...

what a handsome young man!

Carlene Noggle said...

Oh, what an honor for him to get the presidential scholorship!!! He is so nice looking and he looks to be very kindhearted also. I love the picture of you and him asleep together!!! so sweet!!!
I know you are very proud of him Gerry.
love ya,

salemslot9 said...

lovely photos

salemslot9 said...

like your videos

Connies Photos said...

Are you okay??No post for two days now!!!!


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