Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sometimes angels can intervene through caring people to save a life

May a heavenly angel watch over you
I talked to the man who finally sobered up I thought in just the nick of time. I thought he was only days maybe even hours from his death. He confirmed that things had become desperate.
A good woman friend here took him to every hospital in the vicinity and every emergency ward turned him away. He had been in some of the hospitals but would go home and drink again. They finally gave up. He said he went over to Circle K to get some more beer and was sitting outside somewhere drinking. A young woman whose face he can only vaguely remember came up and started talking to him. When he told her about the hours they had spent trying to find a place that would take him, she said that she was going to try to help him. She took his apartment number.
He went home and he said a couple of hours later she knocked on his door, and said that she was there to take him to a hospital. When they arrived at Good Sam's, he said oh no, I have already been here, they won't take me. She said, we are going to bypass emergency. They have a bed waiting for you in ICU and you will be under the care of such and such a doctor. I must say this young woman had unusual authority. He said it was discovered in the ICU that blood poisoning was already taking place from the long infected scrapes and cuts on his body. They put an IV of antibiotics directly into his veins and kept it there until he left. The doctor also said he wanted to try a new drug that has been successful in treating alcoholics.
The man said that another doctor had ordered this drug and his insurance (medicare) would not pay for it. The doctor told him if they turned him down he had the power to over ride the refusal and give it to him anyway, which he did.
From that point on he slowly worked his way back to sobriety. I said, who was that woman? He said she was an angel. Tears came to my eyes. I said she certainly was your angel. I believe that if this young woman had not come along and this doctor had not believed he was worth helping, this man would not be with us today.
I said your recovery will give all alcoholics hope and an example, even the most stubborn of them. This man has aged from this awful experience, but he is looking better every day, more calm, more like the man whose sobriety we had enjoyed for five years.
I told him that I know we all have to die, but not like that, drunk, dirty and out of his mind, when he can be so lucid. I said what made you snap. He said, I don't know, prosperity. I can't stand things to go too well.


Ann said...

Touching hearing about Jack...I do hope he can stay sober and save his own life!

Missie said...

This is a great entry. I hope it can inspire someone who might be reading to get help and it also makes me remember that their are still good people out there!!


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