Saturday, May 16, 2009

Son Dan takes Doc to get HD-TV, Farmers Market, and video "Ken has had 36 Moms trying to help him" (play reading, Act I, Scene 4)

Doc is elated about his new high definition TV, displayed in photo. My son Dan took us to Walmart, and the new TV took up so much room in his car, he had to take Doc and it back to his apartment and return to get me and groceries. Doc paid Dan, so he was happy, as his hours have been drastically cut on his job due to the economy meltdown.
I went to the Farmer's Market this morning which was very busy due to many in the complex getting some coupons this week for produce. Besides some great looking vegetables and fruit, I got some oatmeal, wheatberry bread, and eggplant tamales. I love going to the Farmers Market on Saturday. Oh yes, and I bought this tye dye summer dress in photo which goes with my tye dye hat I bought last year. Tyde dye girl said this dress was her grand experiment. I just love it!

Ken loses his jobs almost as fast as he gets them, so even 36 moms do not keep him from living on the edge of starvation and the street. Jana tries to come up with solutions but Ken is too afraid of mean men to work for hardly anybody.


Connies Photos said...

You look fantastic in that dress.
Congrats to Doc on his new TV.

John said...

Im new to your blog.I will be following it.Were you reading from a play you wrote?Orstudying for a part your in?You are very good.Submit your videos to I.F.C. and see what happens.Good luck,Stop by and add yourself as my Bloggerbuddy

Ann said...

You are in REAL trouble when 36 moms can't help! Poor Ken. He did have it rough...and with Casey and a baby too.
You look like a spash of color. Keep on reading.


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