Saturday, May 30, 2009

Doc has DTs so has been forced off the sauce for a few days

He was drinking so heavily I had to stop my play series and rant as I fear the worst. He will probably still lay off only until he feels a little better then will succumb to the craving again. I just uploaded another portion of an hours long rant which he took surprisingly well, even seemed to want because he knew he was headed into trouble.
Another kind of trouble has hit my relatives in Boulder. A doctor who inherited a vacation home there from his mother has been flying into Boulder for years, landing at the little air strip on Home Bench, a couple of miles out. Nearly forty years ago when our family dog, a white samoyed mix, got shot in a farmer's sheep pature, and one leg was hanging, I asked this young doctor if he would cut it the rest of the way off and sew it up. Frosty had been shot 3 times, but he agreed to do what I asked and this dog lived, becoming a three legged dog instead. It was sad but it kept him from chasing sheep.
Well, this kindly young doctor, now in his 60's, flew his plane low into a canyon up there, clipped a power line and crashed, killing him and a woman passenger on board. The woman was not his wife since she according to the paper refused to fly with him anymore because he did 'crazy' things while flying. Turns out she was smart. What makes pilots of small planes take unecessary chances and kill themselves? Boredom? Hunting for thrills? Could substance abuse have been a factor? I do know his death has upset a lot of people who looked up to him and admired him for his intelligence and accomplishments.
P.S. A friend who knew him better than I did said how kind he was when she had an accident on her son's motorcycle and scraped her face and thought she would be scarred for life. His remodeled home in Boulder is stunnngly beautiful. She said she met his wife a couple of years ago and she was very beautiful. Now she wonders if anyone will occupy that beautiful home in the place not far from where he crashed?


Paula said...

Looks like Doc is paying close attention to what you are saying. Sad about the doctor.

Connie said...

Oh-I am so sorry about your friend.Seems we take chances we know we shouldn't even when an inner voice warns us- we feel we will be fine.
Doc-what can I say.It's your life and you gotta live it your way-but I do care that you are killing yourself one drink at a time.My dad had to have a beer in his hand most of the time.never saw him drunk..but he was rude...had no friends...sad really..but we all choose the path we want to take and be damned if anyone is gonna tells us whaat not to I won't tell you--but know I worry for you and I know Gerry cares deeply what happens to you and I care about how she would handle it if she were to lose you...We don't want to lose you doc..we love you..yeah-I don't KNOW you but I am a good judge of people...and you are good people--so there..

Amrita said...

How can you be so patirent with him. He needs help. Seems to be happy killing himself

Very sorry to hear about your doctor friend

Pamela said...

He's not going to change no matter how much you talk to him. He needs professional help...and he needs to WANT to receive the help.

Obviously he doesn't want it.

I know you don't want to lose Doc, Gerry. I know it's going to be hard on you. But, it seems as if he's causing you so much frustration that maybe you should just see him in the morning when he's not so drunk, and find other activities to keep you busy in the afternoons.

He's a stubborn man. He is sick and won't get better until HE wants it. All of your lectures won't help that unless he wants it. Sounds to me like he's quite content as things are.

Take care, Pam


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