Friday, May 15, 2009

Writing to Oprah for a spot on her show and video "Jana gets her welfare benefits cancelled" and she and her daughter Raya are not too happy

After I read that Oprah went to Scotland to Susan Boyle's home town to interview her, I decided that I should contact her, since Susan Boyle's fame was helped along by Youtube videos of her singing. It might be hard to discover a playwright on Youtube, but now with 5 of my plays there, it should be easier. My last video got a 5 star rating and went to 114 hits very fast. Granted that is not two or three hundred thousand plus a boost or two from some famous people, but it is a start. Besides I have too many videos up there now it would be hard to get the required amount on just one.
I decided Oprah and I are a good fit, since I have issues which also interest her (child molestation, domestic violence, gay fathers, poverty, prejudice, disability). She has also probably done more to promote book reading with her book club than any other talk show host I can think of. If I see a book in the thrift store with Oprah's name on it, I buy it if I have not read it. I know I will like it and respect her choice at the same time. I have been reviewing books in my blog, one reason I started it, as I love to promote books.
Plus I am ready for fame, since if I wait much longer it might be too late for me to enjoy it. I would like to get a taste of it while I can still walk!
I went to Oprah's website where they have forms to fill out with suggestions for a show. I did that and submitted it.
Course I am not going to sit around and wait for her to call me. I will just keep on writing and filming. I uploaded video number 4 of the Prince from Saturn series and I will embed it here in this entry. It is called "Jana's welfare is cut off and she has a meltdown".


sober white women said...

My children have to get my Oprah several times. I think we me need more Dr. Phil!

Ann said...

Doc is getting a kick out of the play...he just keeps laughing. Pretty wild scene with the upsetting loss of welfare. What IS one to do??

Sheria said...

Good for you! It never hurts to reach for the moon, you never know what magic may happen. Keep writing and keep filming!


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