Monday, May 25, 2009

Grandson Dante, his dad Dan, and I go to the movies and lunch

Dante will be going to California at the end of the school year to stay with his Aunt Stephanie as his mother struggles with the bad economy. Dan's employer told him that work would be very slow if not non existent from about the middle of July into September, then business is expected to pick back up. There are a lot of jobs in Arizona centered around the season of good weather which draws many visitors, conventions, etc, to Arizona. So I invited them over before he leaves. He said he might come next weekend, too.
We went to see Night in the Museum subtitled Battle in the Smithsonian, which is about what we expected, lots of startling special effects and a somewhat lightweight story. But we knew what to expect so we were satisfied. Dan and Dante went to see the new Terminator movie out the week before.
Dante wanted to come over and make a video as we had not made one for a long time. So we did. I think he was mostly wanting to register his different look. He does not look like a child anymore, and his hair has turned curly. And gotten darker. I thought the above was a great photo of him and his dad together I took at Subway, as well as the one I took of him. I decided not to post the one of him and me together, as my wrinkles are really showing closeup.
Tomorrow I will upload his video called Dante's Summer Plans. I never miss a chance to do a video of him, especially if he asks if we can make one. Then he's happy and I am happy. I don't worry about the content so much, but am just letting him get used to the camera. He still turns shy when the camera is on him, but he is getting more comfortable all the time. There is a lot to getting used to in being the subject of a video. Doc couldn't see what this video was about, but Dante looked startling on Doc's big screen TV. I am for letting him grow into the idea of what he can do.
At first he wanted to make it alone, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt he was not ready to make something up on his own, so he asked me to interrogate him again as I always do when he comes to visit. I ask him about his life. Some stuff I asked him about today was rather sad and I could not put it in the video. Dante has always dealt with tough stuff in his family. He is a child raised in considerable crisis, but I think he's doing pretty darn well.

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Ann said...

Both are great photos. Dante is getting downright handsome. How is he going to fight off the girls?
I love the big screen photo of Dante and Dan. He might be even more changed when he returns from vacation.


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