Friday, May 22, 2009

People, horses, dogs, and green green grass of home

I had not had a chance to comment on the Preakness when a filly, "Rachel Alexander" won, the first time in 80 years a filly has triumphed there. Aside from Mine that Bird who proved himself to be a very exciting racehorse who came from behind and almost caught up with her. They will both be running in the Belmont Stakes so that should be one spectacular race, coming up this Saturday.
I talked to Raymond as he was traveling to get lumber and supplies for his set and a fence for his new dog, "Baby." I was glad to see a new entry on his blog "Cowboys and Bohemians" (also on my blog list) after resting up in Boulder (pictured above) after his Los Angeles venture.
My sister Linda has been getting instructions on how to create a blog which is listed now on my blog list, "Vooman's Voice." She is planning to post some of her poetry, political cartoons, drawings, and opinions. But today is the day she finally is getting her long awaited MRI to see if it will show what is going on with her numb hands. She mentioned she hoped California where she is (SF) didn't go entirely broke before she got treated.
I am continuing to post the reading of my play, Prince from Saturn. I am so glad to get this play up on Youtube, written in 1986-90. Doc has been very restless since he was not featured in this series, but he and I watched some of our older DVDs, one he calls 4 X rated where we talk about subjects we don't think we can put up on Youtube. He now thinks these are some of the best we have done, so we always have subjects we can discuss and film. I was thinking about those as I have been reading the bloggers' comments on the fact that the blogger community that migrated from AOL journals is not nearly so active, but I think it is coming along as well as can be expected after that upheavel. Besides people have to get their second wind when it comes to blogging. At first in J-land, there was a great burst of enthusiasm as people took to blogging for the first time. Having written all my life, I am not surprised that adjustments had to be made down the road aways.
Writing has to become a part of one's inner life in order to retain enthusiasm. Adjustments have to be made for health concerns. I started keeping journals when I was in my teens so journaling on AOL seemed like a natural fit, and I have migrated to blogspot with little adjustment problems, but as with plays, there is always the struggle to find readers. In order to do that, reading other blogs is imperative I believe. The best way to make a writer out of yourself is to help others find joy and appreciation in writing too!
I have tried to help my sisters to become writers as well as my kids. To me, this is what education is all about, helping everyone learn to read and write and enjoy it. Writing a poem or a song is a joy people should not miss if they can help it. They may have a short story, a play, or even a novel in them. And everybody has a memoir to write. So there are a lot of writing challenges for those who want to continue to develop themselves.
I can picture the beautiful town of Boulder above becoming a mecca for art, summer theater, music festivals, etc, just as breathtakingly gorgeous Sedona has become in Arizona. My niece Charyl and Raymond are now offering creative workshops in connection to the festival (Boulder Heritage Festival listed on my blog list)in playwriting, acting, poetry writing. Cheryl's husband Steve is teaching birdwatching. Raymond is singing for his supper at the Hell's Backbone Grill. I am so looking forward to seeing one of my country plays, Happy Hello, Sad Goodbye, done in this setting, where it was written.
So put Boulder, Utah (pictured above) on your map as a place to visit one of these years in the summertime!


Ann said...

Except for the sad fact that most of those green fields are brown...selling 5 acre lots with no watering and no green. It's sort of sad to think of all that green turned brown, especially on the ranches that were worked so well by parents and grandparents.
There are many more people sitting on much less ground. The green may return when the acres are sold, partly anyway.
Our Salt Gulch ranch is also a sea of brown. No one wants to work so hard.

Gerry said...

Only we who lived there when the ranches looked like emeralds entering Boulder will know what that Boulder looked like. The people who live there now will have to make it beautiful again by what they grow on their properties. But the spectacular scenery of the place will not change which has drawn the people who have bought their lots there to build a vacation home. Gerry

Cathy said...

How can anyone live w/o writing, I know it's done Prince of Saturn, take on your life!


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