Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am having a Happy Mother's Day!

I just came back from breakfast with my SIL, Chad, grandsons, Jamal and Ethan, and Dan and Dante at the Good Egg, a family tradition on Mother's Day. Daughter Ronda was in San Diego to a dance convention. Jamal is getting ready to graduate and work his summer job at Water World. Dante said he was going to Los Angeles for the summer to stay with his Aunt Stephanie. His mom is moving to Mesa and needs to go to work.
Raymond and I just talked. He says spring has burst into bloom up in Utah. We had a good visit, too, about his future plans up there for the summer.
I will report here if I hear from anybody else. It is my granddaughter Kelly's birthday today, too, so her dad, my son Gary, might have plans to visit her.
I just had to snag this Happy Mother's day greeting that Connie posted with lilacs, my favorite flower. I don't see a lilac decoration very often. She also photographed beautiful lilac blooms. Happy Mother's Day, Connie! And all you mothers out there.
Later: Ronda called from San Diego to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. She and her pals from her dance club danced the west coast swing until 5am this morning. She said she was supposed to go to work at 5am Monday but asked her boss if he could reschedule her for Tuesday. Gary was the last to call and invited me to go to dinner tomorrow night. I think I will take him to my favorite restaurant downtown, Thai Elephant. They know how to cook tofu! Gary said his company is still getting work. Now I am watching golf.


madcobug said...

Thank you Gerry. I am glad that you had a great Mother's Day. I had a good one also. Helen

Connies Photos said...

I made that cause you said you loved lilacs...
"Happy Mothers Day "sweet lady.
Glad you're having a good one.

Amrita said...

Good to hear you had a nice family time

Astaryth said...

Sounds like a pretty good time! BTW, I LOVE your Header at the top of the blog, very nice!

Carlene Noggle said...

Hi Gerry,
I am so happy that you enjoyed your Mother's Day! et us know how your dinner at the Elephant place turns out!!!
love ya,


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