Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back to Arizona business as usual: Doc's video "St. Louis man gets rhinestoned, electrocuted and cowboyed in Arizona" and "St Louis man deserted-"

I got so hyper while Raymond was here I have been busy catching up on the sleep I lost. I haven't even been able to pick out a header, but I love holiday time. It's not quite time yet for Christmas headers, but Thanksgiving is so up in the air don't know when I will celebrate that or how. We usually all go out to Ronda's, her brothers and I, but she hasn't called so she may have plans just to ignore Thanksgiving this year. If so I will take my cue from her and grab a piece of turkey from somewhere. Doc will probably go find something to feast on, he usually does, although Ronda has been real good to send him plates. My son Dan will be figuring out things to do with his visiting son Dante.
I was busy down to Doc's editing videos he insisted on making for his channel, where we talk about his compulsive need to act for me when he thinks I don't have sense enough to run his camera properly. He did not trust me to push the low light button on the video camera so he pushed it for me before I left. He told me he had pushed it and I said, won't that draw juice from the camera? He said not unless it is turned on. I think he was wrong! It drew so much juice from the camera it wouldn't even turn on and film. It just tried to. I finally had to change that battery to the low performing extra one I had along. It only provided enough juice to film for 7 minutes!
So we had to discuss that boo boo on a video until I ran out of patience. When I get to that stage I just leave rather than hurt the man. I have never been a husband or BF beater. Although I can certainly understand the women who are. However, I might point out it is a dangerous indulgence because men are usually bigger and stronger no matter how they seem to have deteriorated, and the women end up hurt the worst even if they struck the first blow.

The worst outcome is that I have tried for a long time to get my son to let me film him, and when he gives me the chance I show up with an impaired camera! I did tell Raymond I was going to purchase a new battery myself if I had to, so I hope he will give me other chances to film him. I know I am pretty old to become a great camera person, but he probably won't be staying long in Phoenix from now on, so I can at least film him when he is here.
I love filming people. Daniel, my neighbor, who has promised me that he will let me film his greatly decorated apartment as I did last year for Christmas, told me he has started already! Linda with the permanent trake has been practicing her Christmas songs. She is also a great decorator so I hope to film the songs in her apartment.
Doc has been feeling ashamed of himself for not singing more when he can carry a tune, so we may get out the karaoke machine again and attempt to go there with my new batch of karaoke Christmas songs.
So who knows, my world may come alive again with music, and then again it may not. I have learned not to count on anything. I am trying to take life just as it comes.

2 comments: said...

I enjoyed the debate. Now let's
'act like a cowboy' and do a song.
That would be fun.

Amrita said...

Nice to see Doc an d you chatting together. Nice friendly banter.


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