Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting ready for Raymond's 'reunion' event at the Paisley Violin Cafe tonight

I am going to take my video camera and try to video some song performances in this last night Raymond will be in Phoenix before he takes off for Austin, Texas. The event will be in the outdoor pavilion so I will need to dress warm, and it features Home Jones, a jazz band with members comprised of some of Raymond's former students at Metro Arts. Raymond has been on the go all week meeting with old friends right up until he leaves. He said my other two sons, Gary and Dan, have plans to be there, and my daughter Ronda has been invited. She is a dedicated west coast swing dancer, so I am sure the music will be calling out to her.
I told Raymond the batteries are getting old in this wonderful camera, so I will have to be fast to get some film footage. I won't be able to film all of it as was possible when the camera was new. Maybe my venturing out with the camera to such an event will inspire Doc to buy a new battery. He is always trying to get me to take the video camera and film this event and that, but it takes a lot of preparation for people to get comfortable with a camera person present.
I was so elated at being able to get the film I did of Raymond in the park I could not sleep last night. I didn't get to sleep until after 2 AM, but I have been dozing in my chair quite a lot all day, so I already feel rested enough to venture out again. After all I have missed so many such events taking place in Utah and elsewhere I must take this opportunity to get to one right here in Phoenix.
See you later. I won't be able to check out what I have gotten until tomorrow morning down to Doc's, so you won't know until I have watched and edited the results. So in the meantime, enjoy these videos I have already done and I will see you then.

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