Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting ready to go to the library, dealing with having lost my mind, and a dream of dancing with a man all night but who?

I promised you a photo of me in my new ear warmers and even if it isn't very good you are going to get it. I don't know what is wrong with that Doc. He is not taking very good photos of me now days, but he did whip out his bus pass when he heard I intended to go to the library, so you have to give the man credit for being my friend, my best one it turns out in the Westward Ho.
Now as far the man I was dancing with I think he was a guy who got evicted from here that I had kind of forgotten about. He is computer knowledgeable and is about the only one who would read my blog once in a while, so he may know I have had to give up my patio round table activities due to bullies. The patio discussions were going on back when he was here, so they were successful for quite a while. But it was like the Westward Ho Tenants' Org. when too many bullies start to clash and clang all we'd do is fight and then I'd have to resign because I could not keep up the fighting pace.
The guy who had been taken away by the police had returned and he'd been gone too short of time for them to do any kind of transformation on him, so he was bound to start acting up in the patio again. We would just get calmed down from one fight and then another one would break out. And I became battle weary from being present to so many fights already.
So I am off this morning for my walk outside the complex to to see what adventure awaits me as my reward. I think my dream was to remind me that there is life going on outside the Westward Ho, so if I will just go out and search for it, I won't have to rely so heavily on unreliable people for my entertainment.
Oh, before I go I suggest you visit the blog, Beauty in Art and the Unusual, on my blog list as Ann has visited the website of an artist, Mollie Kellogg I knew back when that I think has developed into an outstanding and prolific artist. She does people which I love, women. She is a beautiful woman herself with the prettiest strawberry gold hair, and she has done a lot of other women justice in her paintings of them.

PSS I hate to talk about the losing my mind thing, but guess I will have to confess. I rented a movie from the Redbox and as I remembered the dvd player in this TV I haven't had very long, you just slipped the disc into the slot, well it went in all right and disappeared into the dim recesses of the TV and can't be retrieved! My sister asked me if I had some needlenosed pliars, which of course I don't have, but now the disc seems to have slipped down behind the place where it is supposed to rest, and nothing I am sure could reach it that I have available to me. I decided not to tell poor Doc this as it would only cause him to fret and stew because not even he could get it out and he would be referring to it for weeks. I hope the cost of the disc doesn't take all of my Christmas gift fund. See, I told you I temporarily lost my mind. (which causes you to do stupid things)

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I checked out Mollie Kellogue. I had no idea so many teapots existed. It would be fun owning a teapot. I enjoyed my look and will check out videos too. Thanks.


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