Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting ready to film a video with Raymond

I just talked to Raymond and he will be over around noon with his guitar and dog and we will go to the park. After that, he may or may not come back with me to watch what we film on Doc's big TV screen, and then I will edit it, making more than one video, depending on how long we film. And then I will start up loading for your pleasure. That's going to take most of the afternoon, so I thought I would catch up here with whatever else I have not been able to write about.
I froze my neck and have had to thaw it out for two nights in a row. Yes, I am so susceptible to cold, and I seem to forget that every year. Monday I thought I was a little off but did not think to turn my neck to see if it was okay. I went over to the Silvercrest for the first time in months and played a vigorous hour and a half of pool with the guys. After I got home pain hit me, wow. I suffered all afternoon with it, but after two days of applying very warm scarves, etc, day and night, my neck is starting to feel better. I just should not have been playing on an inflamed neck is the message I got from the pain.
The culprit is mostly the type of air conditioning and heater we have which blows air constantly, and despite the fact that I keep my apartment at 82 degrees year around, the air reflects the change of weather. I had to turn myself around on the bed and start sleeping with my head away from the cold air influx. I started feeling so much better. All the sore spots started to get better in just two days.
I used to wear snoods on my head embarrassing my kids no end when I appeared in the living room in my sleeping garb. I have tried wearing everything to bed including leg warmers and even house shoes, depending on what type of primitive heating and cooling I was able to afford. I settled in Arizona because in Utah I would become inflicted with bursitis in the winter so crippling in my arm I could not write, all because of the cold. I would have sore spots all over my chest. I would indeed feel like a frozen piece of meat as winter wore on. So I know I will be staying in Arizona the rest of my life. It doesn't take nearly so long to thaw it out if I accidentally freeze a part of my anatomy.
My neck is feeling so much better I think I can risk a trip to the park just fine, wrapped in scarves and a cap. Last night one of those little warm fleece blankets from Walgreen's felt so good.
I have been told my condition might be caused from Hashimoto's which is an auto immune disease particularly afflicting the thyroid. Another lady in here has it who is very susceptible to cold just as I am. The surgeon who diagnosed me after he biopsied my thyroid did not tell me many symptoms. I was just so thankful not to have cancer of the thyroid I did not ask. I do have to take thyroid medicine for it. And it also may be related to the chronic fatigue bouts I have if I get over worked and stressed.
So now that you know I have been nursing a sore neck I feel nearly caught up. See you later.

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