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Have been thinking all day about writing another entry defending Sarah Palin

Here is a link to an article in which the author lists 10 ways Sarah Palin's qualifications for president stack up favorably with past nominees and other possibles. Pay special attention to her record on pro life activism. It would be hard for any other nominee I can think of to match her record here. In fact I am going to copy this qualification for you because I think it is important.

"3. Two years pro-life advocacy.

Barack Obama famously gave a speech to an anti-war rally in Chicago in 2002 that put him on a breakneck path toward the presidency. The anti-war stance he articulated that day as a state legislator differentiated him in a key way from primary opponents who, as actual members of the U.S. Senate at the time, had voted to authorize what later became an overwhelmingly unpopular war with Iraq.

Palin gave a similar career-defining, path-altering speech to a pro-life group in Evansville, Ind., in April of 2009. Already a pro-life heroine since giving birth to her two-year-old son, Trig, Palin's emotional speech in Evansville that April day signaled her transformation from a regional phenomenon and vice presidential candidate into a national conservative powerhouse (although some would argue that moment occurred when she delivered her flawless convention speech on Sept. 3, 2008). Since that day in Evansville, and after reluctantly resigning the governorship several months later, Palin has delivered more than 100 inspiring speeches across the country, many of them to pro-life groups. This dedicated advocacy the past two years compliments her decades-long support for the life issue.

Why is pro-life advocacy a qualification to be president? Because a majority of Americans are, in fact, pro-life. So many of us are actually mortified by the reality that Obamacare will provide federal funds for abortion -- despite assurances that it would not. Traditional swing states such as Maine, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio have just elected pro-life governors in 2010. And while we have elected pro-life presidents before, Palin reflects our values in a manner not seen before in a major female politician. Should she run, Palin's common sense, pro-life position would stand in contrast to GOP primary opponents who have shown a willingness to flip-flop on the life issue depending on their audience. Moreover, her compassionate and humane position on abortion would stand in stark opposition to the extremist record of our current president who voted four times to deny care to babies born in botched abortions -- the only member of the Illinois legislature to do so.

Indeed, to this perennially divisive “wedge” issue, Palin brings unique character, conviction and wisdom. As the youngest and first female governor of a male-dominant state, she possesses the potential to inspire women of all political backgrounds to consider childbirth as an empowering act. Perhaps unlike any politician before her, Palin bears witness every day that an unexpected child -- even in the midst of a fulfilling and challenging career -- can bring unimaginable joy."

This record is remarkable considering how many liberals just ignore this issue and think nothing of it. You would think from most of their attitudes we were still back in the days before 1973 and we all took for granted that not a lot of babies yet to be born were being killed in illegal abortions. When abortion was legalized by the Supreme Court an astronomical amount of babies were killed, up to nearly 2 million a year in the first few years. Over a million a year have continued to be killed in this country every year since. A third of the children conceived since 1973 have been killed in legalized abortion.
But the press having accepted its legality hardly registered these grim facts except for throwing more abortion advocate columns at us, with their writers trying to explain patiently why such a brutal policy was necessary, should we wonder. We were getting the message that we readers and citizens should not worry our heads about the sudden rise in numbers to unbelievable heights.
It has taken a long time for enough people to worry about it to begin to support the people who think this is way too many and that we need to pay a lot more attention to this issue than we have been doing.
Sarah Palin is amazingly one of those people who has her head screwed on right, in my opinion, when it comes to dealing with over a million dead in legalized abortion every year, maybe because she has had five children, including a Downs Syndrome baby named Trig who has been photographed with her on some of her recent trips across the land to speak to the people about this issue and others.
We hardly expect men to put the same emphasis on this issue as women do, which is why I think a woman pro life activist politician is so important to the cause.
I have been a pro life activist since abortion was legalized. I never believed in abortion, and I was not going to start just because the Supreme Court for some reason known only to them saw their way clear to legalize abortion across this land, thus raising the number of deaths the very first year to unheard of numbers. Actually abortion advocates even began lying about just how many 'back alley abortions' were being performed which called for this radical reform according to them.
Well, we had China and Russia as good examples. They had to get brutal in order to control their populations, in fact they were also known for killing a whole bunch of citizens, too, in their efforts to control the people and keep their regimes securely in power. I am a big history buff. I read and read trying to understand what was going on in many countries at critical times in their histories.
I don't know how any body can understand history without reading a whole lot of it.
But I think there has been a deliberate muting of the facts by the liberal pro choice media just so they, one by one, do not have to take a costly stand against a law that is legal.
I immediately began paying a high price for being pro life. In the theater world I was like the lone objector. Why, because suddenly pro life playwrights became fanatics as they are still pretty much considered to be today. My plays were suddenly the work of an extremist. I was too 'religious'. All the plays I had done on my married bisexual issue were discredited before I could even get a following for them, I suppose because I had the nerve to accuse my father of being dishonest to my mother because he concealed his homosexual activities and forced me to keep quiet about them, too, even though I had been molested by a man I thought he was having an affair with. Molested at 5 and I am a fanatic for expecting a little bit more of my dad than exposure to a man he hardly knew and brought too close to his children so he could abduct me when I was only five, three times before I could get my wits about me and figure out how to stop him without telling my mother the whole story, thus possibly causing her murder as well as the sure murder of the abductor. As it was, I did surface the story three years later, but not to my dad. The abductor was shot, but not killed. So my father did not end up with murder on his conscience as well as many infidelities in my opinion.
You can see my play Daughters of the Shadow Men on You Tube and judge for yourself whether this is play that should be seen. Because many women are so suppressed this is one area where lack of observing powers and education is going to cause them not to see the obvious. My mother read. She was quite aware, but she was not informed enough on the subject of homosexuality to figure out my dad, in my opinion. I had the knowledge foisted on me, because my dad thought I was too little to pay attention. I was extremely observant of everything he did. And was also gifted with powers of deduction my mother did not have.
I had to conclude that the theater world just was not ready to support playwrights who could write about these issues, especially women.
I never abandoned my father. I knew he came into the marriage already shaped and formed, so could not keep from violating the promises he had made to my mother. But he still had the obligation to figure out how to be honest in this life, which he hardly succeeded in doing. Instead he bullied his wife and daughters unmercifully whenever we got too close to accusing him. He never knew all the damage his infidelities did to me and my sisters as well as to my mother. But I kept on trying to get him to the point that he would be accountable, even though he died before we made much progress. I never even got to talk to him about what happened in the psych ward. He would start screaming when I even brought subject up.
Well, it looks very much like I am going to die before I ever see that play produced, because the theater world is not yet ready for plays that speak the truth about certain issues.
We have a long ways to go still in allowing women to write the truth about the unfairness they are subjected to in marriage, and the violence.
Abortion was just one of my issues. Domestic violence and infidelity were others. Child molestation another.
Tough issues, but partial success was not what I wanted and would settle for. I wanted my writing about tough issues to be recognized as needed and necessary. No compromising. What I lived and understood I thought I should be able to write about and have accepted, but that was not the case.
There are too many people in this country with the power to suppress concern about tough issues. We have had people suppressing concern about the deaths of far too many unborn children. Oh, I know children on welfare have dropped. The government is not taking care of as many children. They don't have to take care of them if they are killed, so why protest? So we have the idea promoted that a child is going to be happier killed than living a sad miserable life on welfare and in poverty. How easy to judge. How easy so many people have found it to justify killing.
As I have said before, the dark power to kill can become addicting. Then you really have a job to try to stop people from using this method to solve society's problems.
You have got to be extremely tough to stand up to these kinds of thinkers, because they are brutal. Sarah Palin has got youth on her side and the mental toughness that has given her that kind of nerve and conviction.
No matter what else she does not know about, the power she is exhibiting to stand up to the bullies of pro choice is impressive. If she can stand up to them, I believe that she can not only lead, but she can inspire! Something no pro choice candidate can really do, and that includes Obama and Hilary Clinton. Many democrats have caved in to demands they be pro choice. What they don't understand is that their support of pro choice may have doomed this presidency.
I shuddered when I read that Obama voted three times in his early political career not to help a child who had somehow survived a botched abortion. His reasoning was that the mother had made the decision that this child should die so nothing should be done to save it. How in the world could this kind of thinking inspire people? He has been taught to think like that by the philosophies of 35 years of legalized abortion with its justifications. He has to be converted now to a less violent way.

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I didn't think I 'liked' Sarah Palin well enough to vote for her in a bid for the presidency, but after reading her common-sense book Going Rogue, I changed my mind. She is a good thinker on big issues and thinks about what she would actually want for herself and votes that way. If she can mire through all the bad publicity she has had and maintain..I say go for it! I also like her very clear pro-choice stand. said...

I meant PRO-LIFE STAND. CRIPES...AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ERASE AND START OVER. How do I get rid of what I have written by error and start over?


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