Friday, November 5, 2010

Visit to the doctor, drugstore, and making chicken soup

I went to the doctor's this morning to get the results back of the study of blood flow to my legs which was normal. I knew I could not be walking around as well as I am with much of a problem. Doctor was pleased that I was walking again now that the weather has turned cooler. For that is of course the very thing he wants me to do. I then made a side trip to pick up one of my meds, bought supplies, and home again. Oh I did finally get a referral to an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist who tests hearing exclusively. Doc was so pleased since he has felt the need to try to supply me with every word on the TV he did not think I heard. My loss of hearing really bothers him. It just takes time and energy to see about all that could be going wrong in your body.
When I returned his bus pass we decided to watch a movie which starred Liam Neeson,
Antonio Banderas, and Laura Linney, all stars I like. I am not sure I liked the movie which seemed to be about an affair Liam Neeson's wife was having while he thought they were faithful to one another. She up and dies and he finds evidence of the affair which sends him crazy for a while, but he finally gets over it for his daughter's sake and does not kill Antonio Banderas in Milan he does go and look up. I was going to the Red Box and get a movie but this one was for free on Doc's cable, well certainly not free because he pays for his cable whether he watches anything or not.
Now I am making delicious chicken rice soup with organic chicken I had to pay more for to the Farmer's Market, but oh what a delicious flavor. I can hardly wait. I am adding brown rice, onion, celery, and grated carrots. I brought home a container so I can give Doc some in exchange for the use of his bus pass.
I got a lot done, so what more can I expect out of a day? Daughter Ronda does not seem to be hurt from her car accident yesterday, but she got a jolt. Son Raymond called to say he will be coming to Phoenix not this week but next.


Southern Gal said...

I love home-made chicken noodle soup. I have been craving some all week. I am on FB Gerri. Are you?

Gerry said...

Yes, Southern Gal, I am. I am under Gerry King Hitt. Please be my friend! The chicken soup was divine, by the way.

Have Myelin? said...

I now have a craving for chicken soup. Darn it....



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