Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I was relieved when Jennifer Grey won over Bristol Palin on "Dancing with the Stars"

I decided after I had come out supporting Sarah Palin for president, I had better watch the final of "Dancing with the Stars," because some indignant liberals were talking like Sarah Palin had already tied up the championship for her amateur dancing daughter Bristol with her hordes of supporters poised to call in. I watched for myself and saw that the beauteous Bristol had a lot of appeal going for her despite the fact she was not a gifted dancer. She was like Jewel's bull riding champion contestant in a previous year, who kept getting voted back on by his fans no matter the efforts of his competition. He had a winning personality and he was funny as well as very strong and physical from his bull riding and cowboy expertise.
I read this morning that Jennifer Grey ruptured a disc in her back Monday, but went on to dance a beautiful Viennese waltz with her partner Dennis Hough last night to take the prize. I also love Lacey Schwimmer who was a fantastic partner for Kyle Massey. But my gosh, he didn't have much of an edge over Bristol who is so young but managed to dance with a quality that tugged at your heart. She was youth out there with all its appeal, coming up to the challenge of dancing on national television in quite amazing fashion. She had to make a giant leap to look as good out there as she did.
I know that many thought she had unfairly knocked out Brandy, but I just don't think Brandy's fan base was as big as Bristol's. That was not Bristol's fault. Brandy has been in the limelight for years, while Bristol has just been there only two short years. I think people started rooting for Bristol when they saw how game she was.
I wish when people lose on this show they would not be so quick to holler foul. Russian Maks, Brandy's partner, is a fantastic dancer, but his arrogance has not endeared him to some people. He should not assume that just being his partner should guarantee a win if you are half way good at all. I thought Brandy was great, but she did not have youth and such a newness to the world of the celebrity as Bristol.
Well, America has really taken Bristol into their hearts now, the ones who watch "Dancing with the Stars". And they don't do that unless there is something about that person that appeals.
So putting the dancing controversy to rest, I say, "Happy Thanksgiving" to everyone. Connie made my header and I have just been waiting to put it up. Today is the day. Tomorrow we go eat turkey.
I will be going to my dancing daughter's house and we will have fun discussing all the fine points of the dance. Lacey Schwimmer is a west coast swing dancer as my daughter Ronda has been for over fifteen years. She loves Lacey and her brother Benji Schwimmer who won the championship a few years ago on another great dance show, "So You Think You Can Dance?" Ronda is an advanced west coast swing dancer now and competes in every competition she can. I just read on FB that she was going to a Palm Springs competition in January. I used to love to dance but was never as good as my daughter. My sisters and I used to go to every dance we could.
I knew Ronda was going to be a dancer because when she heard music in her crib, she would dance the whole time it was on. Her favorite thing to do at five years old was to go somewhere a live band was playing, and she would dance as well as most adults by my table. In fact, people would see her and come and ask her to dance. I would not let them dance with her in places where liquor was being served, but back in Utah, I remember one night, in a long red dress, she was belle of the ball. A man asked her to dance and was so delighted with her dancing energy he kept her out there dancing until everybody had noticed her.
So I am not really surprised that dancing is her passion, but nursing is her job. Dancing is just what she does in her spare time. Her husband Chad who claims to have two left feet golfs in his free time.
I love to go to her dancing club and see so many slim ladies like she is keeping in shape year after year with their love of dancing.

2 comments: said...

Love the header. I also was glad the competition went as it did. Jennifer deserved to win. Kyle was such a performer and Bristol was so beautiful and accomplished last night. I enjoyed the show.
Sarah was there Monday night, but not to the finals. Interesting night.

Stacey Monponsett said...

Bristol was actually very pretty ("thick sexy," as my bookmaker says), and Grey has what some people call City Miles. Kanyon's right, though... the better girl won.


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