Thursday, November 4, 2010

Car accident and election results

I planned to write an entry analyzing election results, particularly in Arizona, when I got a call from my daughter Ronda around 7:30 AM. We had talked about her passing her big test to become an International board certified lactation consultant and also about the proposition that saved her job winning in the Arizona election. I then said that I wanted to tell her about a relative who had written "I just got hit with a bomb" and suddenly I heard Ronda yelling distantly, "I got rammed really hard!" It seems she was sitting at an intersection when she called me, almost to her job site, and someone tried to turn illegally on Indian school she said later, causing the person to ram her. Her phone flew into the back seat where she could not find it, so I kept hearing her talking to someone outside her car. I kept hollering, "What is happening? Are you okay, Ronda?" Finally she found the phone and told me that she had been rammed and was going to have to see about it. Later she left me a message saying she was on her way to her doctor's to be checked out, but she seemed to be okay.
I thought what a coincidence that I would be compelled to say "I just got hit by a bomb" seconds after she was rammed. Well, not a coincident but synchronicity when the mind is compelled to express what is being picked up as an undercurrent.
Ronda lives to the edge of town far north, so drives long distances all the time. I have always worried about her talking on her cell phone. We didn't discuss that, but probably will the next time we talk.
Now I will try to talk about election results if I can after such a jolting morning! I was happy that the voters of Arizona decided not to punish at risk children by taking away funding allotted to some programs for them, including the job she is doing for at risk mothers and babies. Even though we do have a budget deficit and cuts that hurt will have to be done when business resumes after the election results are all in.
I mostly voted republican except for the representative from our district, Pastor, who is democrat.
I see that affirmative action was voted out in Arizona as no longer needed. I think it is time for there to be an equal playing field for all. As I thought affirmative action was giving a false message to blacks who must be able to read whites accurately in order to truly succeed in this country. There were only some places where affirmative action gave minorities a break such as in university enrollment. I saw this result in quite a few professorships awarded to blacks, but if they could not challenge whites, it would be the whites who would leave, thus weakening the university system. They would go off and create new worlds where affirmative action did not exist because you can't really hold anybody back from high achievement to benefit a minority. This is not true competition.
Adjustments will be needed but I think in the long run blacks will make more realistic gains without needing to be 'helped' because of the perception that ingrown prejudice will not allow an equal playing ground. Sooner or later blacks and other minorities will be able to challenge whites without needing that help, not all, no, but enough that we can truly recognize America as a melting pot giving opportunity to succeed to all.
John McCain easily won his fifth term as a Republican senator to congress. Janet Brewer won our vote as the next governor and I thought she had to earn it, too, with a lot of hard thinking about a bad budget crunch. But if you don't have the money, you can't pay for the programs, right? She also inspired Arizona to pass a 1 percent sales tax to help out the budget. I thought she did what she had to do in a timely manner. She did say "I have did" in a TV address that went national, but we Arizonans manage to forgive her for being such a rube, since we have all been made to feel a little bit country in the presence of our more sophisticated betters, especially back east.
In fact we have had to put up with 'intellectual' liberals making fun of country naivety for months, whereas I would say we are too polite to reply in kind. But I thought we did make our votes answer for us. We recognized that sophisticated liberals could lose in this election, and they did all over the place. Whatever happened to good manners? Liberals are constantly making fun of candidates they consider stupid, but when some of the tea party people finally got hot under the collar with such constant denigration then they began to holler that they were being entirely too 'vitrolic'.
If liberals cannot stop what they are doing, they cannot expect the conservatives to go back to being polite and civilized.
You just cannot get a liberal to concede there is anything wrong with absolute support of legalized abortion. When it comes to what they want to do, you would not think anything was wrong with a killing solution. They simply won't allow reason to penetrate their minds when it comes to what they have decided to support.
I have been arguing about legalized abortion since it was passed, and you cannot really get people to reason about this issue who support it. They trot out the rote responses they have been mouthing now for years, never getting down to this, abortion takes a life, a life that all instincts in a mother is geared to protect, and that reasoning is turned upside down, for reasoning you can poke holes in over and over. So who is not responding to reason in this case? Yet it is reason that must eventually prevail or mankind is lost.
We must be able to use our superior minds to chart out a civilized course of action that challenges man to do his best and will not accept his worst as necessary. In other words, we do not need to take lives to save lives. What potential mothers have to do is a better job of not taking risks if they cannot afford the child that may ensue. We have not been challenging anyone to come up to the best they can possibly do when it comes to pregnancy. We have instead anticipated and provided for the worst behavior potential parents are capable of, the most irresponsible, the least spiritual.
In making spiritual a dirty word in the intellectual lexicon the liberals have refused to see the power of that kind of motivation. Which is why we call it leftist thinking, as coming from communistic origins who have always been at odds with the religious. Yes, much has been done in the name of religion that was cruel and short sighted, but also very much has been done in the name of communism that was simply murderous.
I am always glad to see the extreme leftist thinking politicians in this country defeated. I do want to see a move to more centrist thinking. Intellectualism that falls short of compassion and vision is simply not enough. If constant ruthlessness is expressed by this faction, we need it curbed by rejection at the polls.
I have tried to argue that those kind of liberals are Obama's worst enemies. Because they are too inflexible to help him become a president who can be seen as a leader to all. Pettiness about such things as bad grammar and lack of higher education is what I am talking about here, while refusing to see virtues that might be described as home grown that are there.
One liberal I know was calling Palin part of an 'Unholy Trinity'. Now what has she done that would make her any less holy than Hillary Clinton for example? She is younger, she is prettier, she is ambitious, what I ask you? That was just too much for me. I don't see her as any more unholy than any other woman politician and to describe her that way is simply being nasty. Even though Hillary Clinton is pro choice, I would not call her 'Unholy' in a public castigation. As long as abortion is legal there are a lot of people taking advantage of the law. I would say that calling them all 'unholy' would be counterproductive and extremist, but Sarah Palin is unholy? Come on!
I guess I have gotten way too much nasty coming my way lately. I have not been going down to the patio any more because of some people who were being just too nasty down there. As you know I have been trying to promote civilized round table discussion there for months but have been defeated at the moment. These people are not liberal or conservative, I think they are just nasty. Liberal or conservative would be good words to call them. No matter what is said or done they just love being nasty more than they like being nice.
About all I can do at my age is beat a retreat. I hate to do it, but to allow myself to be insulted without being able to fight back is worse. I think it all started with the photographs the artist took and somewhat defaced, and since I like to take photos I sort of got some of the flack some of the residents were feeling about him. It is all too easy for artists to act condescending about the intelligence of the ones who don't understand as they take advantage of them, and it was felt both the photographer and the artist took advantage of the residents.
If I can't take photos as I did to the party the other night, I just as well not go. There are good stories and there are bad stories. If the press condescends to those they consider less 'aware' then you get readers who begin to distrust the press. The resident who was featured in the New Times in one of the touched up photos done by the artist called up and castigated the New Times and they don't like that, but now my stories I try to design to give the residents pleasure are suspect, too, and I am seen as probably taking advantage. I barely escaped a thorough put down the other night as I was taking photos. One of the women who was connected to the group that brought the "Dancin' and Drummin'" to the WHo was taking photos, too, and she was tolerated, but I did not think I was. I left early. I was not able to share the photos and the story so decided I could not do any more stories about the residents for now. I will be able to do a few videos possibly by some who will not allow themselves to be too influenced. But for the most part I will quit writing about the residents. They are just too distrusting right now and that makes some of them act very cross indeed. In fact they can act like regular rottweilers when riled.


Have Myelin? said...

I happen to like Sarah Palin. =)

LaRena said...

What an awful scare you must have had over your daughter. I am so glad she is alright. I can imagine how she felt as the same thing happened to Randy and I on xmas day two years ago, while we were sitting at a red light. Two cars hit us hard. We felt they had been to the same party. We were so grateful to not be hurts.(Just late for dinner) I'm sure Ronda felt grateful too.


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