Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election day, movies, and depression

I didn't want to move away from an Arizona header while it was still election day. My guess is there is going to be a republican sweep but I won't know all the results until I read the paper tomorrow. I voted pro life which is republican. I did see a resident, an elderly African American lady, being escorted by someone giving her a ride to the polls. I heard him talking about some people who would be out there trying to stop her from voting democrat. Don't know what that was all about, but I was glad she was making an effort to vote. Doc and I vote early by mail-in ballot which is a much more convenient way to do it when you start getting older and a little decrepit.
According to my exercise plan with an enjoyable goal at the end of the walk, I again walked over to the AMC movie theater complex a few blocks away and picked out another movie to see. I was too early for "Secretariat" so since I am on Facebook I decided to see "Social Network." I thought this was a well made movie which turned out to be all about the founder of Facebook who came up with the idea while attending Harvard. He was a computer nerd named Zuckerman. His business partner who supplied him with money was another student and rowing twins also got into the act by recruiting him to work on their idea of social network called Harvard Connection. His mistake was that he strung them along while pursuing his own idea, not using any of their code. Somewhere along the way they meet a con artist played well by Justin Timberlake who ends up cutting out the original business partner who eventually sues Zuckerman along with the Harvard rowing twins, can't remember their long names, and they all get a cut of the pie. The con man helps them expand but is cut out of the action eventually with some of his actions with cocaine, but still owns 7 percent. The business co-founder is restored as one of the founders with a settlement also, and even the twins get a cut because Zuckerman had kept their plans so he could get ahead with his, which wasn't exactly kosher.
Yes, this really is the story of Facebook which has made Zuckerman the youngest billionaire in the world.
I thought the movie was fast paced and well made and would probably interest a lot of younger people who are very hep about social networking. I only knew enough about Facebook not to be bored. I have never gone on My Space or Twitter. So this movie was not only entertaining but informative. Can't ask for more from a movie matinee.
I am aiming next for "Secretariat." I probably spent more years thinking about horses than about social networking!
I was quite depressed yesterday as I was writing about the hereafter and I wondered why. I found out that Floyd, Margie's husband, was not released to come home by the doctor, so is still in the rehab center. However, he is holding his own.
When I went to sleep last night I hoped that I would receive some sort of sign soon about why I was depressed. Before I woke up I had quite a long involved dream about my dad's alcoholism in which I received a clear message that if I had to deal with any more of his drinking I could quite well freak out. I knew of course this dream must have reference to Doc, giving me a strong warning to limit my contact with him, another reason I took off on a long walk to the movies.
I told Doc about my dream this morning and he insisted we make a video about it, which I warn you is quite depressing. You can see it on his channel Emdedoc. I don't think I should embed it in my channel. It sinks to a new low for me. I try to stay upbeat on my channel. We had a few mild laughs about the subject which was about the best I could do.
I then decided if I could not find uplifting men in the Westward Ho perhaps I had better change my pattern and start getting out more. Raymond called last night and said he hopes to be in Phoenix by Thursday night at the very latest. He will visit and then in a few days plans to head for Austin. He is always invigorating as he finds it a challenge to try to be uplifting despite any setbacks. His radiator is leaking which he was going to have to get fixed in St. George, but other than that he hoped to make a problem free trip. So I will be looking in his direction in the next few days for inspiration.


kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

Yes, don't write long about the hard stuff and get too low. This writing can be hard. Raymond will give you a lift. I am off to St. George.

Bohemian Cowboy said...

I did love Social Network. I thought it was inspirational and, like you, fast paced and interesting. Mom, I'm sorry you feel depressed, I get that on many mornings waking up, I have to immediately begin finding something to get excited about. I don't worry so much about you, as you always find interesting things that get you excited. I think for me, when I feel heavy in the morning, it is usually about something I can't pinpoint, like its beyond my control to really stop. I'm still trying to get my radiator fixed, (its the heat core) but should get out Thursday or Friday. I'll call when I get in town, we'll have coffee right away. Mom, I would encourage you to get on line and find some of these play contests that are out there. Now days, you don't have to bother with getting a copy. Getting return postage. Getting your cover letter, etc. Now you can get on some of these contests and zip your plays off in ten minutes... its great.


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