Saturday, November 6, 2010

I bought an ear warmer from the crocheting Farmer's Market lady today

She sits and crochets throughout the morning. The ear warmer is brown with overtones of turquoise in the flower on it which I will wear on Monday with a brown and turquoise outfit and will have Doc take a photo. I had him take one this morning but he got my bad side, so I rejected that one. He sent $20 over for bread and flowers. I count it a victory when I can get him to buy something a little more expensive to the Farmer's Market. I got him some delicious chili cheese bread he is going to love. He paid $4 for it instead of his usual $2 or $3. I could not find any flowers so he got the rest of it back. On top of that I gave him a generous helping of my Farmer's Market Chicken soup.
I noted the editor of the Oregon Literary Review, Charles Deemer, had posted another short entry on his blog Writing Life II. It is strange that Doc and I are being rejected as the snooty intellectuals of the WHo, while I tend to reject the snooty intellectuals who edit reviews like The Oregon Literary Review. They are always very disgusted with the common folk who don't care about learning at all. But I did want you to sample some of the interview with Dave Lee that was done by the Oregon Literary Review. I should be so lucky. I think Dave Lee is a very attractive poet, as these intellectuals go. We who have been judged as failures for some reason or another must also put up with the successes of other more fortunate intellectuals than ourselves.
As I was coming up the elevator a very disabled younger woman spoke to me with extreme disgust about a guy who looks like a mere boy smoking his crack pipe quite openly out in front because management is not on duty today to catch him. She lives across the hall from him and says that all night long he was going in and out, in and out, which I found to be the case when my neighbor from hell was doing crack and other drugs. I never got used to him coming and going at odd hours. Later another resident told me he was doing drugs with his kids so he knew just how many illegal drugs he was doing.
That is one of the downsides of living in a HUD housing complex for the younger disabled. Quite a lot of them have bombed out of society with extensive drug use and are still in the habit after they get an apartment here. I don't know why this young guy wants a place in here, if he is going to jeopardize it with his excessively illegal behaviors. He is on the short list for eviction I know that. As soon as they can get enough evidence against him he will be gone but that might take a while.
In the meantime he seems to like the friends he has made here as he comes and goes with a happy smile on his face.
Coupled with that I read an article in the paper yesterday written by someone whose job it is to fly overhead and spot illegal drug traffickers. He was so disgusted, saying he did not think the border would ever be secure, that he proposed legalizing all drugs and then taxing them to high heaven, but we know that is not going to fly. Twenty tons of marijuana found near a tunnel crossing the border was confiscated. I'll bet those hardworking growers were mad. It is no wonder those trying to catch the drug traffickers get shot at. That is really a huge amount.
My impression of the drug addicted is that they hardly think of anything else once they have focused on a life of drug addiction, which seems a waste.
But I do have to think about the drug addicted law breakers quite a bit when I am mixing and mingling with them. It is hard for me to live the genteel civilized life of an intellectual when all that is going on. Or that is what I imagine they live if they are hanging out with enough of them to affect their living conditions.
That is the main difference I see in more successful intellectuals and me. They don't have to deal with thugs quite as close at hand.
Doc is a failed intellectual, too, by most definitions, but he is a very snooty one I can assure you. I came in this morning to him watching documentaries as he often does on the history channels. Some of these are quite good, too, with film footage that has been preserved from years back. I like these, too. Doc claimed he wanted to look at the video of the poet I posted, but he won't stick with it very long I am afraid. He will feel too envious and sneery.
But he thinks his sober self is too good for a world he never made, so accordingly I met him coming back from the Circle K going for his beer run. He jumped when he saw me. I said, "Don't be frightened. I won't bite you." He does not like to remind me of his excessive vices any more than necessary.
Now that I have visited the family site to see what is going on there, I will settle down to write an e-mail to my sister Ann who was kind enough to post this intellectual site. She knows I need intellectual stimulation the worst way. She is hoping I will once again convince myself that I am writer enough to work on my memoirs. I hope I will, too, but it still hasn't happened yet. Maybe tomorrow.


Paula said...

We don't need ear warmers here much but your's sounds lovely as is the other wares you posted. said...

At the care center I found a girl who used to be on both basketball and volleyball teams only in her 40's living there because she has been paralyzed from the waist down but arms are affected by drug use. One morning after a bad episode, she couldn't walk...still can't. Strange reaction, so has become a full-time resident at the care center where her mom and sister work. It's a hard lesson for constant drug use.
Enjoy your ear warmers.


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