Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am a new woman with faith restored despite the worst old cynics

As you can see, I got a new hair cut from a surprising hair dresser which always makes me feel like a new woman, plus I sat up straight so I didn't have that dreaded double chin I did in the video I made with Doc for the old Geezer channel. The candidates I voted for won in yesterday's election and at the end of my walk today I saw a great movie, "Secretariat". I did not realize what a miracle horse he actually was until I saw this movie and realized how many ways he could have failed to run and win the races that he did, although the race he ran in the Belmont Stakes has never even come close to being matched. He is considered the greatest race horse of all time and a story about him was bound to be a treat for all horse lovers as well many others who fell in love with Secretariat because of his true running heart. Diane Lane did an outstanding job of playing the woman owner who I think inspired the horse. I think this horse liked winning for this woman.


Southern Gal said...

I'm glad your feeling better. I suffer from severe depression at times. It seems when late Oct. early Nov.comes along. I have a severe bout of the blues. I think it's the change of seasons and temperature change as well. Your hair looks nice. Hang in there Geri.

Amrita said...

Happy to hear you feel like a new woman.
Doc did a good job with that hair cut.I cut my mum 's hair.

Yeah heard about the election results. People are disappointed. Obama is on a 3 day visit to India staring Nov 7th.

Hope you enjoyed the movie.

That book seems nice. My family members, all Christians had angelic visitors - many of them before dying.

THere is plenty of proof of life after death.


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