Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tipping Point--40 Days for Life: November 17, Wed. night webcast

I am going to be listening to the web cast tomorrow night that is a follow-up to 40 Days for Life just completed of prayer vigils at abortion clinics. Shawn Carney reports that there has been far more activity and results at this 40 Days for Life than ever before, leading pro life activists to think that perhaps the 'tipping point' is being reached when a movement for change may be sweeping the world weary of 37 years of legalized abortion in this country and many other so called 'civilized' countries resulting in millions of deaths of the not yet born.
I regard this issue of paramount importance and support only the politicians who think it a very important issue, which is the reason I have written about Sarah Palin with favor, simply because she does not hesitate to talk about this issue wherever she goes, which is what we really need. I read that in Texas in a rally with Governor Rick Perry she expressed strong views about legalized abortion and the fear that many pro life activists have that 'Obamacare' will use government funding for abortions despite the President's promise to prevent that from happening with an executive order, this in order to get pro life democrats to sign the bill. She called Obama 'the most pro abortion president we have had yet' in Texas, which may be true. Clinton constantly vetoed important abortion restrictions, particularly egregious, in regard to partial birth abortions, but he did not talk much about it. That is not Obama's way. If he is going to support anything it is not going to be with half a heart.
I don't think he wants to be accused of having policy dictated to him that he had to support in order to be the Democratic candidate. But abortion advocates have had 37 years to teach relatively young men like Obama that abortion is what women need at times, no matter how brutal this has always seemed to some whose beliefs cannot encompass sacrificing a child because a 'mistake' has been made in getting pregnant.
I believe that now those people who believe that abortion should not be available because that alone can act as a deterrent to anyone choosing this violent solution have seen that they must get active and seek any moment they can in trying to build a ground swell of resistance to a solution that requires the mother to sacrifice the child, when a mother's deepest instincts are to protect the life of the fetus at any cost.
In this country it is obvious that people on the Supreme Court believed that if legalized abortion had been put to the people for a vote, it might not have passed, so they had to step in and think for the people. This was not their job, they are only human, and in deciding for the people whether such a thing should be legal, they could be doing a grievous wrong. And so we have seen millions of lives sacrificed as a result, and because China did it, Russia did it, and many other 'civilized' countries followed suit, that does not make it right.
It has taken the people years to figure out how to undo what the Supreme Court did, despite the fact that many have gotten used to legalized abortion, made use of it, do not think it is so bad, and are not even aware of how many ways it has affected our society in adverse ways. They do not even want to know, so convincing have the abortion propagandists been in making a case for it.
But I would say that respect for life has diminished for all children. When you make the killing of a child legal up to 9 months while inside the womb, then how can you turn around and say, oh, but if you hit a tiny two month old child, shake it to death, oh my God, what a horrible awful thing that is! Can't you see how much you have weakened the case against murder of children? No, if you can't see it, then you are a stubborn ass, is all I can say for you.
I have read case after case in the newspapers of babies only a few months old being murdered, and if you try to tell me these trends don't relate to legalized abortion I will say you are not a realist. You can't have one without a whole lot more of the other.
When you tear down all the taboos relating to the harming of children in the womb over night, you are going to unleash the savage beast in a whole lot of people by giving them permission to kill.
Permission to kill is a powerful thing, and some people appreciate that dark power. Taking it away from them is going to be very tough to do. Especially taking it away from them with non violent means. Which is what you have to do to teach them the power of non violent means they now scorn as a result of reveling in the dark power of dealing death. Oh, we have saved the unwanted children unhappy lives of poverty and deprivation. Yeah, right.
Hence we have the 40 Days for Life of prayer vigils at abortion clinics. Prayer in the face of death. But people have known the power of such prayers for centuries. This memory does not die just because laws are passed. But when people are not used to praying at abortion clinics it takes some years for them to realize that that kind of non violent intervention has to be used, people have to come together determined to reach those in error, not with death, not with war, but with prayer! There is something stunning about that concept.
I knew how tough that was going to be for those who went out and did it. But I am not surprised that a ground swell of another kind of power started to emerge from these vigils, you might call it a miracle of a sort, the miracle of God once again manifesting when so many of the young think that God is dead.
The people themselves started to feel the power of God rising in them as they prayed, so they could reach out and touch those on their way inside on an errand of death. Once again, in the presence of death, God could be felt holding out his hand, asking those who would kill to stop short of the death chambers, to reconsider, and as each child was saved, those praying felt the triumph of the angel of life and light over the angel of death.
It is no wonder that babies were saved and that elation swept over those who had taken part in trying to stop just one baby from dying.
That is what is all about, saving babies, one at a time until there is a big enough ground swell of people really understanding what happens in a chamber of dealing death and wanting to stop it, to stop it. To change how people think.
Do you think this is bad for people when it can change the world, when it can end holocausts, wars, stop the carnage. Again and again there will be ground swells coming from those who have not forgotten how to pray and have passed this precious lineage on to be revived again and again when there is great need of it, when millions are dying and need to be saved.
Hearts can change. If enough people are out there wanting hearts to change and not stopping at anything short of change.

P.S. Check 40 Days for Life on my blog list as it is featuring Tipping Point.


kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

Lovely header..you look very good in the picture. To watch the webcast, do we just put in Tipping Point? Or is it on utube?

Gerry said...

Check 40 Days for Life on my blog list as it is featuring Tipping Point.

Anonymous said...

Very good points were made in this blog Gerry. It shows your passion for getting rid of legalized abortion and all the time you have spent thinking about it. It is such a hard subject to think about as it is so upsetting.

I'm glad the strong pro life people are seeing they will effect the world much more with their prayers for the babies than they ever could by shooting the Doctors at the clinics. I'm sure there will be many more strong movements by the pro life people in the coming years. i always feel that Obama is pro life in his heart but remains too conflicted in wanting political gain and power to come out strong for his most difficult convictions.

LaRena said...

Some how my comments came up under anonymous instead of my name. I don't know how that happened. It wasn't my intent.


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