Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Faster" another movie where Hollywood glamorizes violence

I wasn't going to review this movie until I saw an even more horrifying news item on the Internet, a truck driver attempted suicide and ended up in the hospital and claims that the three little sons he had with him he left with a woman and told her to take them to their mother. The cops and others are looking frantically for the children, because they know as well as I do that there is a chance that the truck driver father with 'mental issues' killed the three children before attempting to hang himself. And there is no other woman with the children. I am going to dread seeing the next possible horrible twist to this story. If those kids are still alive it will be a miracle.
So I decided to review this movie which our local critic Bill Goodykoontz only gave 3 stars while another reviewer elsewhere gave it 5. I can tell you right now that it did not deserve any five stars, but what disappoints me is that Goodykoontz whose review I read gave it more stars than he did "For Colored Girls" in which two murders played out very like the police suspect happened to these little boys in real life. A mentally ill father in that movie throws his two little kids out a 3 story window while his wife screams and tries vainly to rescue them.
The truth of the matter is that most murders are dreary and ugly beyond bearing almost, and that hardly any happen as they do in "Faster" where murder is made to happen Hollywood style. Almost surely apt to be wholly fictional. And not realistic in the least.
I wrote to Bill about his unenthusiastic review of "For Colored Girls" and told him that Hollywood only adds to the violence in our murderous society by making killing look prettier than it is. A bank robber in this movie vows to go after the men who ambushed him and his gang and took the money they robbed from the bank and killed the whole gang except him who was shot in the head but lived. One of those killed was his brother. So he vows to get out of prison and kill everyone of the them.
Billy Bob Thornton plays a rogue cop gone bad who actually set the gang up and made off with the money, but the guy seeking revenge does not know that. He gets out of prison and starts looking for and killing the gang one by one. Billy Bob becomes alarmed and hires a professional assassin to kill him. On top of that he manages to get assigned to the case so he can make sure he can take him out, too, if he gets a chance.
Well, the would be killer undergoes a reformation of a sort, and spares one guy turned evangelist, but in a showdown he once again escapes death because the rogue cop's bullet hits the steel plate he has in his head from the first attempt to kill him. He rises from the dead and kills the cop after all, so all in all he kills 4 members of the gang, spares one, and kills the cop who set them up, and then he rides off into the sunset to live the rest of his life. He is allowed to live I suppose because the ones he killed 'deserved' to die.
Only in Hollywood would we get a story of murder like this.
I just wish Bill Goodykoontz would come down harder on the gangs in Hollywood that make violent movies for profit with absolutely no redeeming insights into the many real murders we have to live with.
Maybe the murders in "For Colored Girls" were just too disturbing for Bill, but they were a heck of a lot more what goes down about every day somewhere in the U.S. Most killers do not have anything heroic at all in them. They are more apt to kill wives and kids than they are someone coming after them with a gun. And only after they have murdered the innocent do they kill themselves. They would be more heroic if they killed themselves first and let the kids and the wife or the GF live.
But Hollywood keeps making these violent movies because the movie going public likes them. This is what is called selling out. Telling lies about who gets murdered in the US for the most part and making killers attractive. I just wonder why so many men murder and and then kill themselves. Could years of such movies have played a part?
We have Hollywood that reduces killing to thrilling. What kind of message does that send to the young? Killing the innocent is going to cause suicide to follow. Who can live with such dark deeds? Young people need films about murder to be realistic. That is why I count "For Colored Girls" one of the most realistic movies about murder, rape, assault made this year. The criticisms of it were nit picking. Everyone needs to see this movie. A lot more than they need to see "Faster."

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This is a grim tale topped with a most beautiful picture of rose and diamonds. I hope the children you talked about are not dead. Christmas always brings such contrasts.

salemslot9 said...

those boys were
around 60 miles
from us
I don't know
that city, though
his story doesn't
make sense
I pray they're
still alive


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