Friday, November 12, 2010

Raymond to his brother Gary's: looking forward to a visit

Raymond called me a couple of times on his way to Phoenix, the last time in Flagstaff to ask for his brother's new telephone number, so I expect to see him soon! I don't know if that will be today or not.
He did say that a theater friend had invited him to go see "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" at the Herberger this Saturday night. I said, "Good, now you can represent me!" as I had finally made up my mind it would not be a good idea for me to try to climb to the rafters to see this play when I can barely make my way up the stairs of an unpopulated movie theater. I just don't do stairs very well any more. As I recall, that theater was the most difficult for me to navigate even back 7 or 8 years ago, let alone now.
Raymond is having his own website created, so he is going to work on that with someone. He has a date in Austin for Thanksgiving with his GF Diana Trevino to meet members of her extended family. I always love seeing Raymond but I know that Austin is calling him now as he had formed his own band in Boulder and is thinking about doing the same in Austin. Downtown Phoenix where Raymond did theater for years was just not a good fit for his country western musical roots. All his dad ever thought about was singing since he had such a beautiful unique voice, and Raymond has an equal love of performing as a singer along with honing his guitar skills. His dad relied on his cousin Pole for his music, but Raymond has been determined to accompanying himself well and has played with a lot of musicians learning from them as he was developing his singing ability. I love it when he is able to combine his own music and song with dialogue in a play, as he has done in his show about his dad's disappearance, "Bohemian Cowboy".
He and I keep a close watch on what westerns are successful in the movies, as of course making a country western movie with music and song is what he is also aiming to do. His ancestors on his Grandfather King's side were all cowboys, practically raised on horses. His dad had the great voice and musical ability and even the good looks go with it but not the emotional stability to become a 'star'. Raymond has taken star quality further and further, becoming at home in big cities as well as in the country, not letting any setbacks throw him or keep him down long. He keeps doing what he needs to do to make a name for himself, I think.
I knew my health was going to hold me back. I wanted a long life with my family more than I wanted fame and a short one. So that is what I aimed for. Becoming a star takes stamina and I did not have it. So it will be exciting to see what Raymond is able to do in Austin this winter with renewed determination, a year of complete sobriety, and the will to win with his many talents.

P.S. How do you like the beautiful new header Connie made for me?

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I love the new header. It is really striking.
Did you see that the guy that won New Artist of the Year was a cowboy from 'downtown Phoenix'?
I can't think of his name right now.
I hope Raymond can move ahead on his plans for a band and can make a little money around town, Austin, well as his plays, a movie, etc. said...

Your blog was suddenly 'unavailable' I'm surprised it posted. said...

Your blog was suddenly 'unavailable' I'm surprised it posted.


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