Thursday, November 25, 2010

Posting another entry on the good in people, liberals or conservatives

Since my Thanksgiving dinner with family was called off due to sickness (first time I can recall) I decided to write another entry on my blog instead of eating turkey. That will certainly be better for my waistline and my aging mind. My daughter was very apologetic, so I knew it was hard on her to cancel, but I thought she should have done, as four people were sick! I was practically the only well one, and I would undoubtedly have come home exposed.
I was pleased to get a comment this morning from my son Raymond (Bohemian Cowboy) in Texas who said he promptly got sick when he arrived after little sleep for days I am sure. He is still looking for a place to live, but he's happy and optimistic about playing music in Texas. He had already played at an open mike place.
Sister Ann surfaced on the family site, but I doubt if any of the rest of the family will post until after they have had their turkey dinner, if then. Ann left her hometown where it was below zero, and went to her daughter's in St George, Utah which was 30 degrees. She said she went from winter to fall.
There was a bit of a flap on the news featuring a rejoinder from Sarah Palin to Barbara Bush who was quoted as saying she hoped Sarah would stay in Alaska. Sarah Palin responded with a little bit about 'blue bloods', referring to the Bush family and said she should welcome competition from all. Sarah also responded to Michelle Obama's drive to affect childhood obesity, saying we Americans need to be left alone to make our own decisions about what we feed our children.
Well, since we have an obesity epidemic, I am going with what Michelle is doing. I don't think it is going to hurt anyone for her to focus on childhood obesity and what we can do about it, and what is more important might help. I felt Sarah Palin was hard put to think of something to say to please the persickety tea partiers. God forbid a possible republican nominee for president say anything good about the opposition, but since I am not running, I can.
I am after all a registered democrat just because I think this party handles the homosexual issue better and most of the the minority issues. Where I think they went wrong is equating legalized abortion with an 'enlightened' development. Anytime you use violence and bloodshed as a solution, you have gone back to the dark ages, I don't care what it is.
The problem was that legalized abortion came in the back door so to speak over night, which would have required that people protest a law that was now legal. Instead, the media found it a lot easier to find reasons why this law was good, and there were plenty of newly minted abortion advocates ready to tell the world through the media the justifications. Protests became increasingly less valuable to the newspapers in the form of letters, so they gradually cut back to an occasional one printed. Soon all the young people were going to read was just how important legalized abortion was to our survival, until this philosophy of life more or less became gospel, in the press that is.
The Churches finally got their wits about them, after years of this sort of thing, and began to gather their forces to protest the law because they could not have on their consciences the million and more deaths a year of the yet to be born without doing anything about it. The Catholic church which has been fighting abortion since the third century has developed some of the strongest protesters. Their pro life activists have certainly inspired me this past year with such ministries as 40 Days to Life. They were very active when the democrats were trying to pass a health care plan to include abortion funding. Without their numbers of pro life activists I don't think this protest would have been near as effective.
The Mormon church is recognizing that they can't just try to keep abortion numbers low in Utah, but must address the problem as it affects the whole nation. I know they have always taught a strong doctrine against it, but they have not acted nationally as well yet as the Catholics.
I think our nation is served best by all the citizens trying as best they can to support the president who wins. It is certainly not going to help our country to be carrying on all the time the president is in power as a sore loser. I can say that I think some of our loudest most disagreeable republican citizens qualify as sore losers.
I could only wish President Obama the best as he took over the reins of power, even when I still disagree completely with his stand on the issue of abortion. The law was legalized in 1973. I don't agree with it, but I will not go beyond a certain point in attacking those who believe in the law, even when I think it is responsible for so many deaths. President Obama is young enough to have been affected by it becoming the law of the law. So have members in my family. This issue has been one of the most divisive ever, pitting sister against sister, parent against child. That's what you get when you make legal something that is basically wrong. It has been necessary to cheapen the value of the fetus in order to legalize abortion. You can't have it both ways. This tended to cheapen the lives of all children, and that is the troubling message being sent to them by legalized abortion. Children now have to wonder how close they came to being thought expendable. Their survival is a lot more of a crap shoot now, a thought that is not going to make any child too happy, even though they have grown up with legalized abortion.
This country operated for a long time with legalized slavery. That made many people uneasy. Many thought it was wrong, but it was going to be extremely difficult to outlaw it, it had become so deeply embedded in the lives of slave owners who thought the country could not progress and prosper without it.
I foresee a huge struggle to outlaw abortion in our future, but if we are to get back on track, it is going to have to be done.
Until then we need to do the best we can with what we have. I will always vote for the pro life candidate because I think they are going to have more depth in their thinking about what is good for the country. That's why I support Sarah Palin for president even though I do not think she will be as well informed about other issues as some candidates, including Obama.
The pessimists who believe that we cannot get along without legalized abortion do not value each individual life enough, in my opinion. Thailand was recently in the headlines for surfacing a number of aborted fetuses in a Buddist temple in white plastic sacks. Often it was not reported that Thailand is one of the few countries still left standing that has not legalized abortion, so these plastic wrapped fetuses are a mere pittance in comparison to the numbers of the unborn aborted every year in this country and in other 'civilized' countries in the world. These are no longer news. These fetuses are sent to landfills in our country as garbage. None of them ever gets anywhere near a temple.
As far as I am concerned a second term is Obama's to lose. I think a great number of pro choice democrats are committed to legalized abortion, and that just might doom his chances to be re-elected. I think that this issue more than any other one will decide the outcome of the next election. Sarah Palin is doing a great deal to bring that issue to the forefront, because she, too, I am sure has a good idea that this is the Achilles heel of the democratic party, the great weakness in the party today. Right is not on their side when it comes to legalized abortion. Laws can be wrong. The democratic party ought to know that with their admirable history in fighting for civil rights for minorities. The democratic party should know how hard it is to champion what is right regardless of how people are used to doing it.
Now the republican party must champion Life. Because churches are traditionally conservative, this issue has fallen into their hands.
The democratic party has found itself championing the separation of church and state. A much bigger support of the secular. A stronger opinion that religion is bunk. It is easy to see how the party members fell into the traps of wrong thinking associated with the left. That might be communism to you, which began with an ideal and all too often ended with murder.
The ideals of communism have affected many a liberal, and suddenly the liberals had to defend abortion legalized over night by a leftist leaning Supreme Court, starting with an ideal and ending with murder. The trap was sprung. Murder was now legal. As they say it takes the breaking of the eggs to make an omelet. but the end justifies the means. Legalized abortion is now necessary to keep society healthy and functioning.
Liberals tend to think they can't be wrong. They trust their intellectual gifts too much, and fail to look the more unpleasant facts in the face. I have been very disheartened and disillusioned by how intellectuals have accepted legalized abortion with hardly even a protest. And still act as though they are completely superior, the elite thinkers of our society. University professors. Published writers.
Life in the US was not the same after 1973. Nearly two million abortions after it was legalized made it completely different. I can't believe how many intellectuals have failed to register these deaths as anything amiss.
So now I am saying that brilliant people need more than brilliance to be trusted. Why is Sarah Palin considered such a dummy, when she can understand that legalized abortion has to be stopped and why. I would say that in her own way she is brilliant under fire, and she also has the courage of her convictions. She will not back down.
She restores my faith in the simple goodness of some people that not even politics can corrupt.


❤Connie Higginbotham❤ said...

I think Obama will lose for a lot more reasons that this,I just want him out of the White House..and his 3 meals a day of ribs eatin wify with him.
I would have loved Sarah in the White House..except for the fact she QUIT Alaska..she can't pack up her crayons and go play somewhere else if she makes it to the Oval office....
Our daughter and SIL were too sick to go with us today but they let the grandsons go with us and spend the they're havin fun playing Black Ops with Uncle Bobby.....
HUGS my lady

Gerry said...

I was dismayed as you were by Sarah Palin suddenly resigning from being governor of Alaska, but her ability to help republicans get elected with her support across the land has somewhat changed my mind. I think she had to focus on one thing or another. I think she is at peace now, and feels she is serving a purpose no matter what happens to her in the future. She is writing books. She is making strong speeches. She is helping the party, and above all she is developing her role as a republican pro life activist.

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