Monday, November 29, 2010

Raymond called from Texas and said he liked my poem

He thought I should write more poems but I don't see the man who inspired them anymore. He still comes into my mind now and then, telepathically of course. He does not travel any other way. I have found that men are very different and inspire you to do different things. I must have written 75 or so poems when I was seeing this man regularly. We weren't very involved except in a poetic way, but that was lovely.
Raymond has begun his search for ways to support himself in Austin. I think he has to do this actively for a while before things can break for him. It takes concentration to begin to sense where opportunity might lie so you can go there. I think looking for work can be a real workout for our psychic powers. I am going to direct my psychic powers toward Texas to try to help him.
His father and I moved several times to big cities far away trusting to these powers and luck to survive. I remember getting jobs just in the nick of time, but we would have concentrated a lot of nervous energy toward making our big city adventures a success. We had both grown up in small towns, but I had gone away to school so I had experience living in the city. The only time he lived in a city is when he was in the Air Force and I came to live with him after we were married, and we moved to down town Spokane. I remember in order to afford our expenses I found a job at Sears Department store for a while.
Despite our problems when he drank, he and I had some great adventures during our marriage. We, in fact, moved to Los Angeles from southern Utah two different times during our marriage. We also lived in Salt Lake for a couple of years where he had a brother living and I had many relatives. We hardly knew anyone in Los Angeles though, so it took a real act of faith to move there. I am sure this is how Raymond got his nerve to tackle big cities where he has always wanted to try his luck, as after his dad and I were divorced I continued to take him back and forth to live in Los Angeles where he would seize opportunities to act he wouldn't have gotten any where else. All my kids got used to being uprooted to go on the road to a new adventure.
Now my youngest son Dan urges everyone to travel while young. He joined the navy he said to see the world and sailed to an amazing number of countries while he was stationed in Japan.
My mother always wanted to go to exotic places to live and when she divorced my father, she and her new husband moved to Hawaii where neither of them had lived and carved out quite an exotic life for themselves for 20 years on the beautiful island of Maui. So for years we had a Hawaiian mother who paid for all the grandchildren to come and visit her in Hawaii. All the sisters except me went, too. We talked about my trip but for some reason or another we never finalized it. My sons got over there though, some more than once.

So I am thinking of my son in Austin, Texas, to play country western music, an old dream of his he is daring to try to make a reality. I know he will never regret his daring. You have to dare much and risk failing if you are ever to succeed!

P.S. Header, Cowboy Up, by my accomplished friend Connie. Photo is of my Hawaiian mother Irene on the left with some of her many visiting relatives or friends.

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