Thursday, November 18, 2010

Raymond's Reunion Party still goin' on!

I filmed until both batteries expired. I am afraid frugal Doc and I are going to have to spring for a battery, as two of them did not last long tonight, but they are old. I won't know just how much footage I got until I look at it in the morning. I took out my digital camera and starting taking photos. I thought the party was going to get swinging, so I asked Raymond to take me home before I interrupted anything. My son Dan and another guy that used to go to Metro who was in Caffeine are in the header. I'm just going to post some of these photos. I don't know if Raymond knows everybody or not. Oh yes, just as I left Gary, my oldest son, drove up. He said he just had to make an appearance even though he is working tomorrow. A Shurtz cousin from Utah dropped by who asked about Gary but left before he got there. I think everyone is going to have a real good time!

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Bohemian Cowboy said...

Mom, these are great photos! Thank you for coming tonight, I appreciated the filming, photography, interviewing, and becoming a part of this event. Whether the video comes out or not, you were still a great asset to the event. And yes, Gary did come and ended up having a wonderful time. Thanks again, Mom, the only one missing is my sister, who I hope doesn't keep me in the tool shed for to many months. Someday, perhaps I'll learn the proper way of doing things...


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