Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2- Doc is an old drinking singer and I cant carry a tune!

Oh well.


Lisa said...

You guys are a hoot!!

Paula said...

So glad you two are having so much fun. I can't carry a tune either. Y'all make quite a pair.

annk said...

My, these huge pictures are a bit startling! I love your Christmas shirt..that will certainly attract attention. Enjoy the season!

Jeanie said...

We just got a karaoke machine on Boxing Day Gerry. I haven't had the courage to try it out yet. The RSPCA might come looking to see if we are torturing a cat or other animal. Lol
Smashing large photo of Doc at the top of the page.
I loved your glittery blouse. You sparkle and spangle.
It was great to listen in to you and Doc 'debating'. You are certainly a well matched couple. Makes for exciting converstations I have no doubt.
I hope you both have a Happy New Year.

Jeanie xxx


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