Thursday, December 4, 2008

II- Can molestation change straight to gay?

Could being a pretty boy have as much to do with becoming gay as a gay gene? Or being the victim of a molestation over a period of time? Questions I have asked myself for many years.


hunybea4him said...

You two are just too cute. Love the hat.. and yes tell him next time to wear his cowboy hat : ) lol

But on the meat of the subject.. IMHO (and very un-pc) being gay is a choice, a life style, and right now almost a fad.
Any gay friend I have had or known has been abused in some way growing up or for males neglected by a father figure and so that is what they are craving and women are rejecting men because of the abuse they have suffered. When I meet some one who tells me they are gay I ask them.. who hurt you so badly.. and they almost always are shocked that I would have that insight about them (if they are truely honest).

My son (who is in the 7th grade btw) is very upset about a friend who "came out" about being bi. I told him for one she is too young to really understand what she is and may be just for shock value, and that she may very well be hurting and that is why she is being that way. I told him, and I try to follow this myself, just love people where they are at even when we do not agree whith the choices they are making.

Bohemian Cowboy said...

Working at an Arts High School for ten years gave me a huge insight into this kind of sexual orientation, boys and girls. No one is going to tell me that most of the 'gay' boys and girls I came into contact, (and spoke to about it) where not biologically prone to a same sex orientation. I did meet several who where from households where there could have been abuse, but the majority were from excellent homes with very aware parenting. Its true, I think, that as a child grows and has sexual experiences, (mostly with the same sex), they become aware at a 'young' age that they are attracted to those of the same sex, in the same way that teen boys are attracted to teen girls, etc. I have also seen parents struggling with the revelation accompanying a child that will orient as a gay man or woman. I mostly witnessed children that from day one displayed mostly the stereotypical characteristics of a gay man or woman. As an expert on examining behavior (teaching acting) I am convinced that these characteristics were indeed innate, with no real way to change what is 'real', (except the transformation in an acting sense) I believe that for most gay individuals, it is not a choice but a biological condition of their lives, just like a heterosexual person...


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