Sunday, December 28, 2008

Memories of Christmas pasts: Pierre's decorated lobby

I thought I would have some fun this week featuring old pictures of holiday parties. On the big one Pierre was standing beside me looking like a premonition of death, one of the worst pictures he ever took. Up in the corner, whitehaired and looking wild, was my ex husband Dean, Raymond and Gary's father. Chad is standing next to him, and his sons, Raymond and Gary are in the back. Dan is with his then love, Angelina, mother of Dante. Daughter Ronda and their kids, Jamal and Ethan, are down front. Dante is the one making faces.
Raymond brought Dean to the party without telling him my new companion was going to be there (Pierre) or that I even had one, I am sure for fear he would suddenly refuse to come, so he thought Pierre was someone from the Westward Ho there to help people like me have parties. The Concho room was so beautifully decorated by Pierre. What else was he to think? He knew I could never have done it. At the same time he was trying to shine up to me, (I kept pushing his hand away) Dean kept trying to talk to Pierre and ask him about his job as party helper decorater, and this made Pierre nervous who kept trying to avoid him by running outside to smoke. Unfortunately we didnt get all the nervous singers singing together until it was almost time to go home, since both Dean and Pierre were known for their singing, and Raymond could sing a lick or two as could Gary. This was in 2003 to my best recollection. Robbie the robot karaoke machine might have been there, as I hardly gave a party without it along when Pierre was with me. We all must have sung something! The decorated lobby photo was from 2002. I am sure that lobby has not been so lavishly decorated either before or since. Christmas decorater Pierre, there will never be another you. Enjoy.


annk said...

That was a bit of a shock to open up your blog and find both Pierre and Dean there. I didn't expect that. I love the new look of your Blog and all the pictures. You do have it up and running!

sober white women said...

I love the picture!

ADB said...


Hope you've had a great Xmas and wishing you and Doc an equally great New Year!


Nelishia said...

I am glad to be able to see both Pierre and Dean but wasn't expecting it. It is sorta funny to imagine how inappropriate Dean was around Pierre without realizing how bad it was. It has a humorous element to it that I would have richly enjoyed privately. I'll bet it was decorated beautifully though. I wish you had some pictures of that.


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