Sunday, December 28, 2008

Doc with "Robbie, the robot" cranked up for our after Xmas singing party!

Doc will soon banish the little dear back to my apt. We had to haul it down to his apartment to do our Christmas Eve DVD, as I could not get the words to show on mine. We have practically exhausted my supply of CDs to sing by today. I am going to try to get him to play more music on his keyboard this year. Since Doc scorned country western he had never even heard some of the songs I grew up listening to. We had a serious clash of cultures.
I had fun having Doc shoot an elegant cowboy photo of me for my front page. It would not take over a title which is why most everyone who tries to do that just has a big empty page (I wondered why, but there is supposed to be a photo there), so I decided to leave off the title of my blog since everyone knows it anyway and has to use it to get here. I got the idea from my grand niece's blog who has a beautiful photo of her and her baby on her front page. It's fun doing something different. I must go back now and look at the karaoke session we made today which reached a new low in singing on the tune for me. Doc did not know the country songs so he would not help me out. Hey, he played the piano and listened to jazz for years and did not sing since high school and church choir, not that he can't carry a tune. The gods are good and let some people have natural musical ability even if they waste it!


sober white women said...

I love your necklece! I think it would be so much fun to see the two of you sing!

Pamela said...

I'm glad you and Doc are having so much fun!

annk said...

Nice looking cowboy! I like your hat and shirt too. Those sons stand out in the above picture...and Angelina too! Ronda and Chad can hold their own with anyone. And yes...the kids.


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