Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting into our 10 Xmas outfits

Here is Doc in his Xmas shirt to match his hat with the green hat band and I in my teddy bear Xmas shirt. We must find costumes for our Christmas album. I think this might be a slightly comic one of country songs sung well by Doc and terrible by me as his bad GF singer with the ever burning desire to sing. We might put some of this up on Youtube but our album will be sent to you if I have your address unless you protest! Only because we love and want to reward our fans. If I dont have your address I will honor all your requests for one if you send me your address. I have not broke the news to Doc yet, because if I did he would have me filming this album day and night from now til Xmas. He forced me to make an after Thanksgiving one to send to my sister Ann who he regards as his best fan. She is kind.
I am going to go to the theater this afternoon with my friends Nola and Joyce, thanks to Joyce's free tickests for a black theater company play in the Viad Playhousse just up the street. I just love that theater. It's perfect for their company. I have been thinking all morning about what to wear, I think my new red blouse and black velvet pants and a black cap. Those ladies who attend are stylish! Sticking to a Xmas color!
Xmas has lifted my spirits as I hope it does yours. I mailed the first of my packages of books to go north to Utah today. Two to my sister Ann. I have another big one to send later on. I have some for my sister Margie and my niece Cheryl. I am going to pick out one for my niece Carissa in SF. I hope I can find one she does not have in her remarkable library. I don't think Raymond will want one while he is still traveling around, so I will hold up on his. I am still looking for special ones. Talley ho and good shopping!


Missie said...

You and Doc crack me up! LOL
Have a good day!

Bohemian Cowboy said...

I think the 'bad country songs' album is a great idea! I love your style in preparing for Christmas, your hats are becoming your trademark. I remember for two years in the early nineties I wore only red shoes. Do you remember that? I thought, "people would associate me with red shoes and remember me...they didn't. You probably don't know remember this one, but I also went through my Bertold Brecht stage, where I wore only Khakis. I'm finishing up life with the continuance of the 'Sam Shepard' style. I love your style, Mom, its so optimistic and bright! The world needs that now...

sober white women said...

I love the pictures! You two always look so nice. I do hope that you have fun with friends.

Nelishia said...

You guys are great entertainment and you do make me Merry and Bright. The bad country songs is a great idea. Please oh please do the David Allen Coe song You Don't Have to Call Me Darling, Darling. That's the absolute worst of the worst. I'll have to disagree with your sister being his biggest fan for I always felt that I was. I admire and look up to you though because of your talents and interests. It's never boring. Going to the theater just you ladies sounds like a very nice evening and I hope that you enjoy it. I always like giving books at Christmas time too but like all art it is subjective and my own personal taste is not always to someone else's liking. I started following Raymond's blog. What another great mind there!
I'm rich with great thinking friends.


Gerry said...

Oh, Nelishia, Doc absolutely loves singing that David Allen Coe song. I think it is his favorite country song to perform. He is so funny with it. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I know books are hard to give. I just give to family whose tastes I know and so many of the journalists are so busy I wouldn't want to give them more to get through when they already have too many blogs to read! Gerry


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