Saturday, December 13, 2008

Doc's hats inspire Connie!

Doc and I have been making another video on his long pants and my unpopularity. You only get to see about a tenth of our videos, as we enjoy making a series every few days. I have to put the rehabilitation of Doc above your capacity for seeing him in videos. He doesn't care if anyone looks. He just needs to make funny videos just like he needs to breathe. I accept the fact that it might take a lot of videos to turn his life around, but I know laughter is the key, enjoyment, acting, and reaching an audience at last even it is only two or three.
If you blog there is always a chance of two or three more reading it than just your family. I am trying to get my three other sisters to blog because that would mean three more readers and commenters in exchange for me reading and commenting on their blogs. They are going to need somebody!
My son Raymond used to be a faithful reader of my blog, (still is, he says) but now he is blogging, I am repaying the favor by being his most faithful reader and commenter. Just as I used to sit on the front row of every play production he ever did. People wanted to pay me to come to their plays because I was such a good laugher. You could not miss me, and my laugh made them feel good, like their plays were really funny. A comic writer needs laughers in his life desperately.
Raymond told me yesterday when he called that his two plays are going to run together, each two performances a week for 4 weeks. So if I can get to Los Angeles I can see both of them! That is exciting. Now I have to save for the trip. I hope my son Dan will be able to take me at least one way. I don't want him to lose his job, so I might even come back on the bus if necessary. Jobs are too hard to come by now days. I have seen Blue Baby twice but I want to see the Los Angeles production, too. I think running them both at the same time is an inspired idea. He has invited everyone to come to Los Angeles. Raymond knows he has to go out and beat the bushes for audience members once he gets a play up.
I know that all the AOL journalists are reading as many blogs as they can possibly handle. Some with a hundred or so on their list have even fallen behind. I came lately to the journaling world, so I don't expect miracles. Plus some have stopped journaling and some are in such poor health they can't even write a blog, except with practically their last breath. I am not going to expect those guys to read my blog.
Some I have found don't have broadband that enables them to watch videos as easily as I do. Dial-up just does not do it. So they are excused from reading my blog unless I just write, as my blog has become a good part videos thanks to the rehab I run. However Doc is my constant companion (when I can stand him) so I have to put a top priority on what works for him. I also don't like to send out alerts except when I get really excited about something we have done or somebody else in the family is doing like Raymond. So people don't know whether I will send an alert or just skip it. Anyway, you can see more of my thoughts on this subject, as well as Doc's cutting responses on the new video I will soon be able to embed here. It is uploading now.


Carlene Noggle said...

Hi Gerry!
Just saw your video with doc and the both of you had me laughing!!! That was a good video...the wy yall banter back and forth is so funny!
Didn't realise that in Arizona no one wears pants much, had never thought about that...I use to have good legs til the vericose veins started showing up!
Hope you get a way to go see your son...
love ya,

annk said...

I enjoyed your 'long pants' video and how handsome Doc is in long pants although he has such good legs for short ones. I thought popularity was a great subject. (In spite of your fat nose, you did have long blonde slivery hair that anyone could envy!) This one was funnuy.


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