Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Doc and I sang and sang on Christmas Eve...

We were dressed like in these photos. I wore this hat through half of my songs especially for my drunk song I always sing to Doc (Jose Cuervo) Each year I sing it I get a little drunker. He was sitting there looking scared at what I might do next. Course he sang his drunk songs with a lot more authority than I did. I must say I think I was better this year by not practicing. I found out you can wear a a simple country song out by singing it too much Well, Doc just would not let me stop, he was having so much fun, so this video is going to be about two miles long. Now I am going to withdraw my offer to send it to everyone whether they want it or not. You got to say that you are up for it, because I don't want to kill anyone with kindness. If you keep quiet it won't hurt my feelings, but Doc and I sure had a good time. (Thanks, Connie, for all your creations in getting me blog decorated for Christmas)

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annk said...

Send on the singing video. You both look very Christmasy!


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