Friday, December 26, 2008

Catching up on blogs, my own life and family

I have been kind of staying home today and seeing what needed to be done. I have been wanting to put in a blog list on my front page, because I think they are neat. They make the blog look very active with a feed into all these other blogs and it is so easy to click on one and travel. I wanted to do it for my son Raymond and also so it would be easy for visitors to find his blog, Cowboys and Bohemians. He has just been customing it so that it looks very dramatic.
I have returned to the family site again and again to read what everyone is saying about their Christmas and see the photos still being posted. One grand niece just posted a darling picture of her and her toddler son on the occasion of his first Christmas with his two dog friends. The dogs will probably come to think they are babies. And vica versa.
Doc is down burning our karaoke country DVD which I have decided to send out to a few of you who I know especially like singing and such. We laughed until our stomach muscles hurt. Doc is so much fun to sing karaoke with because he can actually sing, he jokes, the whole time, and says all this stuff to me about my less than admirable singing. I just go for laughs. He admires my boldness while not being able to sing. I never have had so much fun. because he gets all my jokes. Most people I have known who could sing took themselves very seriously and just could not tolerate a non singer singing as he can. It's anything for a laugh. My sister Ann actually asked for one. I sent one to my niece Cheryl who has got a sister-in-law who can carry the tune better than I can, but not much better. Her brother-in-law is the better singer, so I think she will appreciate my longing to be taken seriously as a singer. She has longings to sing, too. This DVD will encourage her.
I am sending a few journalists one. If you wanted to be on my list and weren't let me know. This DVD is definitely good for a laugh and a deeper look at the talents of Mr. Doc.
It's been unusually cold here today. We even got snow in Cave Creek, north of Phoenix. That is UNUSUAL. So thanks, Connie, for this snag, it fits the occasion today. Connie's blog is Windswept Whispers on my blog list. Check it out. Love that horse!


Pamela said...

Hi Gerry, I'm meeting Raymond tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to it.
Have a good night!

Connie said...

Ya know I love ya gal..and Doc ,too!!


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