Sunday, December 7, 2008

Two Xmas trees better than one, pedofile videos, and protecting grandkids

Doc and I have been very busy this morning making more videos as I found that I was not through with my discussion of the pedofile, so the first video is called "Is there a pedofile gene?" which led to more and more discussion during which Doc has a surprising reaction, a new way to protect himself from being recognized by people he knows in such a video. As I said, he is along for comic relief when the subject might be perceived as grim, only sometimes he gets carried away.
The little green Christmas tree was Doc's tree last year, so he asked me to decorate it with green balls, cheap, and after two trips to thrift stores I found these very cheap green balls that he okayed. This ball tree has almost upstaged his glass tree with the multicolorded balls, but he says he will display both.
Oh Raymond is doing wonderfully with his blog in case you have not checked it out lately ( and talented writers have been commenting, so be sure to read the comments, too. He wrote and produced a lot of his and other people's plays, so he is really going into some fascinating techniques of play writing.
In fact, since my family has blogged on the family site for 5 years, more of them are branching off with blogs. I think it is wonderful. My nurse sister has her grand daughter helping her to create one called Marge (so far) Margie is a nurse who has had many fascinating experiences in her career, so I hope she will soon join our active nurse Pam in the blogging world. As far as I am concerned we can't have too many nurse stories which can lure me into reading every time. Katie, Margie's grand daughter has also started her blog called Katie and Kelton to document in photos as well as words her little son's progress in the world. Her photographer is wonderful, so that blog is a real treat already. My sister Linda said this family was blogging before the word was even invented, and that is true, because we have written huge long letters to one another for years. Margie and I had to go away to school, and that started all the letters.
In those days, nobody ever called long distance. Our phone line had around 25 people on the same line. Our phone number I remember was 3 short rings and 2 long. Yes! Certain ladies in town were accused of eavesdropping every time the phone rang so they always kept up with all that was going on, just like the phone was a newspaper.
In the series we made this morning, I talk to Doc about the dangers of the Internet for kids and how hard it is to control access. I will embed more on the subject when I get one uploaded. My grandkids are impressed with how Grandma has taken to the Internet and Youtube and Blogspot, but that doesn't stop them from trying to outwit her when she is taking a nap, going to a questionable site. It takes cunning to keep up with the younger generation!

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