Tuesday, December 9, 2008

VI- Parents fail to respond appropriately to a pedofile hanging out with their teens--shot fired!

When my sister, a public health nurse, tried to do something about a pedofile who molested many underaged boys during his reign of terror, there was bad results and nothing essentially was done about charging him and sending him to prison as a serial pedofile. Victims had to testify who would not. Parents had to deal with the situation rationally. A building my sister owned was burned twice, and he had been suspected of arson some years before. He was a burgler as well. He was let out of jail once in a town around there by someone in authority who said he raped so many young prisoners, they let him out because they could not protect those in jail from him! He is not the only violent and frightening pedofile I have known. I charged one once for molesting my five year old daughter in an attack that only lasted long enough for him to try to make contact. He was furious because his government job was at stake. He did not lose it but we took him to court and my daughter testified. I did this as a way of making up for whatever protection I gave my molester at 5 by not reporting the crime. A highly dangerous pedofile is not easy to imprison and contain as he can be very cunning and smart as both of these pedofiles were. This will be the last video on sex offenders for a while, but I am sure their disturbing activities will cause me to have to return to the subject again. They just do not go away that easy.

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Jeanie said...

It makes me sick to read about these vile people Gerry. They should be chemically castrated once they have been convicted. Especially in prison!
People like that will always repeat their attacks on the innocent. There is no way they think they are abnormal.
You did right by charging that 'molester'.
Jeanie xx


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