Monday, December 22, 2008

3- My rival told Pierre I was too ugly for him

Now we just as well get down to the bottom of this ugly business, if we can. I was going to quit posting this series about ugly, but Doc called me all afternoon and said they were good, and he wanted them posted. So I decided to tell some more ugly stories while I was at it. I was running around with my sister Linda in Los Angeles and one evening she introduced me to a guy and said, "This is my sister, Gerry." This guy said, "Oh, is this a case of beautiful sister vs. ugly sister." I was a little overweight while Linda still had her starlet figure. I can't tell you how long that remark of his stung. We do have a lot of ignorant people in America who think it is perfectly all right to make denigrating remarks about your looks right to your face!

Now this sister LaRae was another beautiful sister, cheerleader, model, never gained more than 5 pounds in her life, but long after she left high school where the trouble started, she confided in us what staying thin had cost her--bilimia! Which came back to haunt her again and again when she got low and binged for comfort. Only unlike me, she could not bear to let food stay in her body long enough to show up as ugly pounds! People thought she was naturally slim and beautiful. It would have killed her to get ugly. Well, maybe it did kill her somehow, since she died of ovarian cancer at 50. She had symptoms but she was thin, how could she really be unhealthy? In fact, she requested her doctor do a vaginal hysterectomy at 46 because she wanted to wear a binki. She swam. She looked great in a bikini. Do you know how hard it was to watch this beautiful woman die? To see her turn into a skeleton? She paid a higher price for America's obssession with being thin than I did following the herd to obesity.

I am proud of this photo because in it, I somehow managed to match Pierre in looks pretty well, since he was his fattest and I was at my thinnest for several years. But so many women thought he was good looking that I got a lot of flack for being his choice after his divorce. The one who thought she had the inside track called him and told him I was too ugly for him, and she wanted him to go away with her. He said she was too young for him. And he was right. It wasn't long before his health failed and I had to watch this Mr. Good Lookin' turn into a skeleton, too. He never looked more handsome than the week he died. He had lost all that weight. He was so slim and handsome he was haunting!


Pamela said...

That was so mean what that person said about you sisters.
Sad about LaRae dying so young. I really like the pic of you and Pierre. You looked good with him.
Have a good day.

annk said...

Considering LaRae thought SHE was ugly and Linda was never quite convinced she was the most beautiful girl walking, I didn't even think I was in the running myself. I was about ordinary. It is very aggravating to have to see that you (me in this case) are ordinary in both beauty and brains. I have this lip that is there and then is not. I wore glasses and could never do contacts because I have dry eyes and the contact would flip out...I think I had one picture without my glasses. 4-eyes. My hair would just do what it did (curly). I put it up every night for years to try to control it. I thought you, Gerry, both beautiful and you see, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.

annk said...

I loved this video. Doc is is good.

sober white women said...

My husband thinks I am just the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. Then I will lift up my shirt and say "Is this beautiful?" Showing him all my stretch marks and scars. To Rusty it is!
I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder.


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