Sunday, December 14, 2008

I love this card! Thanks, Connie!

This card is a Connie's Creation. She ferreted out my great love of horses, and has noticed I have done my best to make a cowboy out of Doc. Connie, if you will send me your address I will send you the Christmas gift I promised Doc's fans, a cowboy country album with him singing country-western and me doing my best even if it is the worst singing you have ever heard. Nelishia has requested that he sing David Allen Coe's sad country song about trying to get some gal just to remember his name, not knowing that is one of Doc's favorites to perform. He and I went a spate doing nothing but singing country western songs. We did it for hours. He announced that he was going to teach me to sing no matter how long it took. He finally let me off the hook, mercifully, realizing that some people just don't have the gift. That was before we got the camera. All we had was our recorder but we recorded lots of cassettes.
Today we made a series all about encouraging other couples to make videos of themselves. It is a wonderful way to meet people as a couple. I hope you will all get a camera cheap for Xmas and start making videos of whoever you are living with and sending them around to all of us, Youtube, and all your family and friends, especially if they don't live close. I think this is so much fun, and it has been Doc's most effective tool in getting me to see my faults. Of course I could always see his but was not convinced I had any. Then he sneaked the camera in position and turned it on a few times when I was on a rant, and lo, he had the proof. He admits that he artfully questioned me so I would hang myself with my own unpleasant words. I have got better (I think) as I don't want to look that bad ever again. He has made a believer out of me that a smile is good and a laugh is even better. A joke is more effective than a criticism that draws blood.
I love photos but I love videos even more. Lisa who does Please Don't Take Life for Granted has got everyone beat when it comes to videos. She has been taking them for years, and I think hers of her little 3 year old grandson Kayden drumming are some of the most precious. The new grandson is mighty handsome, too! I love another Lisa's photos and videos of the animals on her Bison Farm. Slideshows are my next favorite, and Kelli gets my first prize this month fo her Thanksgiving dinner for the soldiers slideshow and her quilt slideshow. I hope that she is all fired up for a Xmas slideshow, in case she does not get a video camera.
I love Donna's photos and videos (Hockey Mom) and have been checking out Guido's who has transferred his collection to Youtube. He takes the absolute prize for number of photos taken. Slideshows, etc. I have his link in my favorites. I have also listened to his audios as I like voices, too. Mary Jo of The Edge of Dementia has a video camera and digital one, too that she sometimes puts to good use, and she posts a lot of historical videos. Oh and Nelishia just put on a wonderful one of her little granddaughter Katie demonstrating her reading powess. I would love to see a video of her and Dirk, too, and of them singing. Bea and Jeanne make videos. Pam has photographed and videoed. Ann of Beauty in Art posts notable videos she finds on her blog. I am just crazy about all these forms of communication that just flesh out people and make them more real. So here is to a real good video year. Oh, and graphics are good, too, Connie, Donna, Missie, and all you devoted graphic artists. Oh, and I also must award a medal to Helen (Madcobug) who struggled up with bad back and outdoors to photograph the moon, a real good one, too. Well, all you great photographers deserve kudos for bringing more joy into our lives.
Oh yes, I am sorry but my sidebar fell down to the bottom, too. I think it is because my videos are perpetually too wide. So I guess I will have to leave them there, since I want to post the videos as big as they will go. Surprise! When I saved this entry, my sidebar jumped back to the top again, so it has got to be the wideness of the videos. So look for that sidebar to get dropsy now and then. Christmas is coming! I can feel Christmas in my bones.


madcobug said...

I thought this video was really cute Gerry. I would never get Ken to do a video where you have discussions. I would visit and comment more often but I have to limit my sitting time. Thanks for mentioning me. Glad you like the picture of the moon. I have made better moon ones though. Hugs, Helen

ADB said...

Thanks for linking to my little bits and pieces, Gerry. Enjoy the run-up to Xmas.


Nelishia said...

I would love to make more videos but Dirk likes to run the camera more than he likes being in front of it. He absolutely refuses to sing and swears that he can't. Katie on the other hand, is going to be our Broadway baby as she memorizes entire musical scores from the videos I keep purchasing her. I'm looking for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat now. I think that tag at the top is so very pretty. It is funny how I suggested the song for Doc not knowing that it was one of his favorite fun songs to do. It just shows how connected I feel to you two. I think you two should have your own show. YOu'd be quiet popular. Thank you for mentioning me too.



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