Sunday, December 7, 2008

V- Is there a pedofile gene?

I was just reading tonight a book about 'killers, stalkers, and rapists' called "Obssession," by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker who have written this book to inform and give people ideas about crime prevention. Every time I see a news story about child molestation, abduction, murder I don't think there can be too many discussions of what can be done to stop crime. This book talks about 'how to fight back.' So I am going to continue to do these videos moving from the pedofile to domestic violence as we have what is to me an astronomical number of murders of women by men in relationships with them. Oftentimes the boyfriend a mother might engage to watch her children when she goes out, either to work or some other necessary errand has been guilty of a crime against the children, even resulting in their deaths, but also may be holding her captive, too, with extreme violence. This has been a very common type of murder here in Phoenix. For every case we see in the news, I think there are thousands of children and women being abused by the stronger male partner going silent about it, with hardly anyone to turn to for help, until it is too late.


sober white women said...

I think this happens all over the country. It is so sad.

annk said...

There was a badly beaten baby taken to the hospital just yesterday in Salt Lake. The boyfriend was in custody. That child may live, but many don't. We do need to have many discussions so that women can come forward.
Yuvonne (Mexican girl that works for Panguitch drug) just got back from buying her mother in California. The man she married has not allowed her to visit her kids for 12 years. When they did see her, her daughter would run into her, she was bruised. Yuvonne said she was so afraid of him. She was dying and he was insisting she get out of the hospital and come home. She begged them not to send her home. She died just a day later. Sad.
Yuvonne said she was grateful just to have a few days.

Barb said...

Hi there. Sorry I haven't been around. Just got out of hospital. As far as a pedofile gene, I believe it a conditioned thing combined with some sort of brain damage or defiency. I had a friend whose nephew was beaten to within an inch of his life at 18mos by his father's GF. Luckily they both served time in prison. The boy has epilepsy & learning disabilitiesn and anger issues.
Hope all is well with you & yours.
Barb *queenb


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