Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"My cup runneth over" Rick (Doc)

The one with the cup is a homeless guy hiding out in his clothes, probably too shaky to keep from spilling his drink so it 'runneth over'. I am sad to think there are going to be more of those on the streets in the months to come.
There is another one sleeping peacefully in a culvert, while Doc surely must have been close by in the bushes in his homeless days. And last of all there is one in all his glory who is irrepressible wherever he is. He doesn't care. He is still god.


Pamela said...

He is a good artist...but what a subject to address. Sad.

annk said...

These are pictures from 'one who knows'. Let Doc's work be known!

sober white women said...

I so love his work! He has a gift.

Cathy said...

Very gifted sketching hand, easy to look at. So Gerry, are you all for Mrs. K-Schlossberg giving it a go at 50? I say perfect and why not. She doesn't need hands-on experience she's already intelligent and will surely figure it out. THE LEGACY, yikes I wouldn't want to be in her place and yet...?

Jeanie said...

Doc is a talented artist Gerry.
I think they should be published.
At this time of year they will wring a few hearts out and draw attention to the needy.
Jeanie xx


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