Friday, March 13, 2009

Blue, the Extra Terrestrial is back who came when my sister LaRae was leaving the earth over twenty years ago

I remembered tonight my play called "Blue" that I wrote when my sister LaRae came to Phoenix to visit for Thanksgiving. She was bald from having had chemo treatment, and I had this urge to write a play for her. In this play an extra terrestrial named Blue came in a space ship which we all saw parked outside. It was pulsating as UFOs do, and I had the feeling in the back of my mind that this visit was real, that an extra terrestrial really had come to give my sister a message. He appeared in the play bald like my sister, dressed in a brilliant blue body suit, and he told her that he had come to tell her that she would be making the space journey soon, and he was there to help her do it. He said that this was a natural journey that all people take at the end of life. My sister had been told from the very beginning her cancer was terminal and they were only going to be able teo keep her alive so long, so she didn't act shocked.
I really puzzled over that one. I didn't know if extra terrestrials like Blue were the new angels or another breed. Maybe angels with wings did not come any more. Now maybe they came in pulsating space ships.
Blue is probably here now to start preparing me for my space journey. I am looking quite forward to my space ship exodus. I think it will be quite the thrilling ride.
I have always been very telepathic, and used to spend hours writing down people's thoughts as I picked them up. So now I will try to see what Blue says.

BLUE: Yes, I am here because you need me. You need to get ready to go.
GERRY: Well, I know I have to go sometime. Where is my sister LaRae?
BLUE: Oh, she is flying to China with her daughter, Colette. She could not be here tonight, but she gives you her love.
GERRY: You are good friends?
BLUE: Yes, ever since we met in Phoenix.
GERRY: I think it will be very exciting when I launch off, a little bit like going to China. But I am going to have to prepare by listening to the George Noory show I know. I need to know learn as much about space travel as I can. All I can say is that it will be easy for you to pick me up on the 9th floor. I can just step through the window.
BLUE: Don't worry about that. How we pick you up should be the least of your worries. But we will be taking you very fast in that ship you know.
GERRY: Yes, I know. I took the space ride once years ago, when I was 15 and had that darned tonsilectomy. I recall being in a space ship and flying thousands of miles an hour, so fast, to a far away place that I knew was heaven. Then abruptly I was plunged back to earth again and a very sore throat.
BLUE: It obviously wasn't your time to go at the age of 15.
GERRY: Hm. I have been feeling this tremendous interest in flying with the space travelers, the spirit walkers who communicate telepathically. As a matter of fact, all my life, periodically I fly. I need to fly. I can't do without it. I always want flowers around me when I go off flying. After LaRae went back home, I remember dreaming about beautiful flowers, and then we heard she had come out of remission. So we knew her space journey was coming soon. It could not be delayed any longer. But I have just taken these little flights for years. Sometimes I have found talented spirit walkers to fly with me.
SETH: Like me?
GERRY: Oh hi, Seth, like you. I have been flying with you for quite a few years. Blue, Seth and I just meet and start flying. We both love to fly.
BLUE: People make the space journey in all kinds of ways, a little bit at a time, here and there. They practice their flying.
GERRY: Seth is good at telepathy, too. He reads thoughts very well.
BLUE: It is best when the space journey is perfectly natural, like something you have been doing for years.
GERRY: That's what I have been trying to do. I want to make this space journey as easy and natural as my trip to Los Angeles was. Only I will be going up instead of across. I still communicate telepathically with my sister LaRae. I think my kids will be able to communicate with me telepathically quite easily. My sister LaRae is very busy flying around the earth with her family. They are quite the travelers so she always goes with them, on vactions, on church missions, on trips to China.
BLUE: We are trying to get everyone ready to see the space travelers. We want to show ourselves more.
GERRY: I will try to help. I will talk about UFOs.
BLUE: People fear the unknown, so they don't look up. If they looked up at the stars they would see all kinds of sights they don't see now.
GERRY: I will report your visits. I hope they don't make people nervous. Next time, you should bring LaRae along so she can describe how her space journey went. She will be reassuring.
BLUE: Yes, good night now.
GERRY: I am going to post some flowers.


Amrita said...

You are a family of playwrights. Very interesting.

This sounds like the Cocoon.

Your sister looks very nice in that photo.How is she now?
I like your idea of changing the header ohoto...there is the surprise element in it.

Amrita said...

Sorry I think your sister died 20 years ago isn 't that right?


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