Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here is my video about a tree hitting me that I did not get to post because so much else happened

Pam, our nurse blogger, is warning us elderly about insisting on doing something that we cant handle when we are tottering. Well, I wasn't exactly tottering when this tree hit me, but I was looking down when I should have been looking up, too. Pam is right, a fall and a broken hip are a high hazard when you are old, so her warning and my warning in this video might be worth a look.


sober white women said...

You need to be very careful! Rusty is often telling me to not do this and not do that,....Oh heck, you and I should both live on the edge! LOL lets face it no one wants do die a boring death. LOL

Amrita said...

Hi Gerry, I just love your video blogs, they are so much fun. Doc and you have such a great sense of humour and laugh together, that 's wonderful to see. If i was your neighbour I 'd drop in for 5 minutes everyday for a dose of laughter..

Glad you were not injured seriously.

Since i am physically challenged I 've been hit by all kinds of things.


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