Friday, March 27, 2009

March roars in like a lion

I had to keep my window open because my airconditioning was off. The fan wasn't enough to cool my apartment most of the time, and when March winds blow and stir up a lot of dust as they did yesterday I am sure to have an allergy attack. I finally went down to find maintenance men. It took 3 of them to discover the breaker had flipped off, of course I did not think of that at all. Zip, I had airconditioning again but it was too late. I sneezed all night and then some. So I look like hell this morning, but I will be on the mend. I used to get allergy attacks so badly when I was somewhere that ragweed and stuff like that grew I would be stuffed up all summer and had to use afrin even to breathe.
Now I am on the 9th floor and can use air conditioning in the allergy season I have gone all spring without even having an attack. Well, I had a doozy last night. Still sneezing.
Another guy died here yesterday I knew, that makes 3 within 2 days. I hope that will stop now for a while. They say death comes in threes.
I will have to nurse my cold now. Bye bye.
Connie, the above wild beasts of the jungle are not lions, but you get my point. Thank you.


Sugar said...

hope you feel better soon. {{}}
yes, during my nrsg career, noticed that death seemed to come in threes many times.
have a good wkend, & take care.

Ann LRD said...

Sorry to hear all about your air being off causing you so much discomfort.

This is the first March that I have ever seen or remember coming in like a lion or polar bear with snow storm and go out like a lion with another snow storm!


Be better soon!

sober white women said...

I am so sorry you are sneezing! When our santa annas blow it is just darn right bad here.
Now you take care of yourself, I don't want to hear that anything has happened to you!

Missie said...

Enjoy your weekend.

Paula said...

Beautiful tigers you got there. we've already had our sneezy snorty days and it can sure make you feel bad.

Connie said...

OOH And I had some lovely lions but haven't tagged them yet..A/C geez I'm sittin here with a froze nose,LOL..I sit with a vicks inhaler up my nose most of the time..not a pretty site,LOL
Luv ya sweet lady...

Amrita said...

Your leopards look majestic Gerry.

Here also we have temps in the high 90s and dusty winds I keep the house closed. I hate dust. Can 't afford air-conditioning,make do with ceiling fan.


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