Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I ask Doc to stay home from trip and he agrees

I feel a lot of relief that he took my latest decision well. The closer we got to the trip on Saturday, the more nervous I got. I finally figured out what was starting to upset me and made up my mind to tell Doc I did not want him to go. I realized that I did not want to make a trip worrying about what Doc was going to do. Doc even acted a little relieved and volunteered to get up early Saturday and ride to the bus station with me, so that told me he was not holding my change of plans against me. I said, you just drink too much, and you can't suddenly stop. You will go into delerium tremens. He was probably wondering how he could keep on drinking at his rate while there, too, if he could not quit. It was just impossible.
I am taking a bus that leaves here at 6 AM and gets into Los Angeles a little after 1PM so that is good. It will be the middle of the day so I can figure out how to get to West Hollywood or Raymond can pick me up. I am now reconciled perfectly well to going alone, all things considered. My sons might want to take girlfriends as indicted. I usually prefer to make my own arrangements which do not inconvenience them or me.
I don't know why I temporarily turned into a big baby and did not want to ride the bus alone. This morning I thought, oh God, please let me take this bus alone. Doc pointed out that I would not even ride to the grocery store anymore with him, so he was wondering how I would be able to ride to Los Angeles with him. The answer is I cannot. Reality set in.

Right now I am perfectly happy to be going to Los Angeles alone! Raymond, Kurt, Scott, and Pam, I will soon see you and hope to have a wonderful time!
By the way here is Linda's daughter's review of the play who came down from San Francisco to see it and help her mom make it to her city.

Carissa Bongiorno - Mar 3, 2009 Viewers | Reply to this item I am very happy that I was able to make it down to see the play and I think everyone in our family should make any effort possible to see this show. I have to say that there were times that I was overwhelmed with the content of the story but also with Raymond's delivery. We joked that Kurt's direction was called "tender" in the review but it really was so touching and emotional at times and Raymond had just the right mix of funny, sad, happy and nostalgic. Raymond's singing voice was strong and clear. I think it would be fun to do this performance around a campfire so we could sing along at times. I was also proud of my baby brother Scott's technical/lighting ability; he really does know something about all of this theater stuff!
An extra benefit was seeing the Utah family and comparing stories. It is so nice to reconnect. Maybe we should become groupies and go to every city where Raymond performs (Rayheads?). Anyway, GO see this show! It is my pick of the week."

Carissa, Linda, and Clarke in her backyard in her home in SF.


Pamela said...

I'm looking so forward to seeing all of you!

madcobug said...

I think you will feel more at ease going alone. Enjoy yourself with everybody. Helen

Sugar said...

you'll prob have a better time, not having to worry about doc.
enjoy you trip!

Paula said...

Glad everything is smooth with Doc. Have fun!

Joyce said...

I have to agree...the trip will be less stressful and hope you have a great time...hugs and love,

Connie said...

I,too,am glad you are going alone-no offense Doc.You are a sweetie and I luv you to bits..but it was a trainwreck waiting to happen.This way Doc can be comfy at home--being Doc.You can relax and be focused on the play-no distractions and be at ease to enjoy your time with family and friends.Don't forget your camera...we want pix and more pix.
Safe trip sweetie-I luv ya to pieces.


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