Saturday, March 14, 2009

I haven't posted one of Doc's drawings for a long time--

Doc's drawing is entitled by him, "Yes, it was a food fight, you wouldn't want to have been there, as you can see, it was not a pretty site" drawn in (date) I thought it fit the space admirably.
I am happy to report that Lisa of Please Dont Take Life for Granted has posted again after a two week silence. It seems that her daughter and SIL and two kids, Kayden and Andrew, have been staying there, so I found out what my dream was about. Remember, the dream showed the entries disappearing one by one, which of course they did, when Lisa was taken up with playing and interacting with them. Then I saw this kind of beige kind of solid looking smoke filling the space instead. It turns out that her daughter and Kayden both are struggling with a fire phobia they both developed when a house very close to theirs burned down. Her daughter's is so bad that Lisa is trying to get her to seek professional help, but I think that she is also suffering the anxiety over her mom's health as well, as Kayden may be, too, who is very attached to his grandmother I think. Lisa just dotes on him. He is the one who plays the drums with such enthusiasm. He is such an endearing child I have grown very fond of him through watching videos of him and seeing photos. And Andrew the baby is just as adorable. I know Lisa is highly motivated to stick around as long as she can to be with her loved ones, and I hope that she can. Lisa's blog simply will not register her latest entry, so it is necessary to check on her to see if she has posted. Comments and visits mean a lot to her, I know, since she is now hardly able to get out and go anywhere. I also found out today that the other Lisa who writes Life on a Bison Farm has a very sick stepdad, so is not able to post any entries right now, except one to say why she has been silent.


Ann said...

Hey, that's a beautiful food fight!
Tell Doc all those colors show up so well on the computer. His pictures are full of them. This one has everything!

Paula said...

Been missing Doc's drawings. Like this one too. Glad you found out about your friend Lisa. We do worry about our friends here as if we had known them forever.

Missie said...

Intresting drawing of Doc's. I like it.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

sober white women said...

I so love his paintings! Ask doc if he will will me one! LOL

Sugar said...

love doc's drawings, remeber seeing a couple of them before.
wanted to stop over & let you know i'm reading my 2nd book now...finished the first. i usually will read a book several times then pass it on to others who love reading but can't afford books.
looking forward to getting the next 2 you said you've sent. will tell gsons to be on look out for them.
gson patrick was taken to er & is in hosp with fluid around his heart. he's only 15. but is doing better & coming home tomorrow. no more sports for him this year (he's in track).
please keep him in prayer.


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