Friday, March 13, 2009

Last night David Sereda caused me the most excitement about what you can do with 'the math' in regard to UFOs I have ever experienced!

Above is an hour long tape I was able to find in which David Sereda discusses the UFO he saw in San Francisco, a mere kid, that started his life long fascination with UFOs and what this knowledge could mean to our age if we weren't so timid about accepting the phenomona.
Last night he was on the George Noory show talking about something I was not able to find a video about, but I loved it. Now pardon me if I make mistakes as I try to give you the gist of what I heard. First of all he said something new about the Sphinx in Egypt I have never heard before. He said he believes they were made by Extra Terrestrials because it has been discovered that not only was the engineering feat required to build them beyond what was done then, but might be beyond what we could do. He says the rounded stones at the end have within them the capacity to be a target of UFO activity from outer space. Let's see how do I explain something i don't understand?
But this was the reason for building the Sphinx, so UFO's could use it in a unique way to get to earth. I must tell my son Dan about this as he reads everything he can find on the Sphinx and has already told me that it was engineered in a very advanced way. David Sereda says that it connects to the star Sarius (sp), the middle star in Orion, and that there is an inscription on the tomb of the Pharaoh buried there about finding safe passage way to Orion. He says the Extra Terrestials had to have a star from which to travel to earth, oh dear, I did not get this very well, but he says that they had to be able to travel far faster than sound or light to be able to get here from such a far away star, and this is how it is done. They travel at telepathic speed! He says the mind sends telepathy instantaneously. I know this is so! Think what it would be to think and be there.
We often hear of telepathy connected to UFOs, them seeming to communicate to frightened earthlings telepathically. David also kept saying that he had proved his theory by 'doing the math.' He says that stones as in the Sphinx can be broken down to geometric figures, and this can get you into the vibrations you could pick up in space, if you did the math, you would be in what he calls harmonic vibrations. He says the reason why Hubble and the other high tech means we have used to detect life in outer space failed to find it is because we are not in high enough frequency. All we will pick up is static if we are in sound or light wave speeds. We have to get in the telepathic range of speed!
That makes sense, he kept saying you do the math, it proves it. Oh my goodness, I am going to have to call up my grandson Jamal who is practically a genius when it comes to math. He reads all this science fiction, and can surely understand this better than I can. But I remember being so bored about the math that was taught to me in high school. I thought math starts with us, we are one and then we are two, if we went back to the basics and started all over again, we could figure out why math is really important. And then we could make it exciting. Well, the idea of it being essential to expanding our knowledge of the universe has always motivated the great mathematicians.
David Sereda thinks it is important. He says that he also talked to a top physicist who knows all about this mode of space travel, but were still not releasing their knowledge and understanding to the public, but David Sereda is talking about what he knows! I am sorry I am not able to retell what he said more accurately. Maybe you have got enough of an idea to look at his video. Remember the name, David Sereda, I have put his video on my sidebar, and other videos related to the same subject are also listed on the site of this video which you will see if you go there via my blog list. Now is the time to look to the stars. Cathy, help, I know that she who writes about the stars so well in the blog DARE TO THINK, could explain better.

Postscript: Better still, a newsletter I subscribed to just came in with a quote from David Sereda:

Scientist and filmmaker David Sereda discussed his latest research on differentials, Zero Point Energy, and the hidden harmonic codes of the universe. "What I've discovered the way the universe is really working is…there are actual precise harmonic codes which are multiple frequencies working in tandem together, kind of like a symphony," he said. These exact dimensions of energies and ratios "produce something that is utterly miraculous and it can lead to anything from antigravity to infinite energy," he continued. Using mathematical calculations, Sereda conducted lab experiments, building a small harmonic set of wave generators which he used with stones. Certain stones, he explained, have the capacity to hold an electrical charge, and he was able to program codes into the stones, such that they could raise a person's electrical current by touching them. These differential harmonic codes could act "as conduits to extract energy out of the zero point field and pull it into the physical dimension," he stated... cont.

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