Monday, March 23, 2009

Doc and Gerry read E.T. Blue and the Spiritwalkers Convention play Scene 1a written for my ailing sister

Here it is, I think you will get a kick out of this one. Doc plays a Mexican, two hillbillies, Spirit Dad, Spirit Uncle Deke, Playwright son Cal (Raymond) and Blue the extra terrestrial. He was so wound up he did not sleep all night, and finally requested I come down to his apartment at 4 in the morning to finish it up. For pay I gave him a baked potato! For keeping me awake all night, he bought me lunch. I get to play my two sisters as well as myself, a friend, and Raymond's business partner, Cassie. This series will be running quite a while, and it is all done! Please excuse some bobbles. I made Doc do the first one over and was he mad. He thinks he is First Take Jake. Oh yes, I forgot he also plays Jake, a young schizophrenic playwright in son Cal's theater workshop. I am pleased with the new format and getting to do another play.
Raymond taking his play to Los Angeles gave me a bad case of play fever. By the way he posted a new entry a little while ago in his blog on my list, Cowboys and Bohemians, about seeing the sign of the raven and drawing to the end of this magical run in Los Angeles. None of us will ever forget our trips there to participate either.

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Paula said...

I think Doc keeps your life interesting.


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