Sunday, March 1, 2009

Women look fatter on couches


Ann said...

I do agree. We should treat all those with vices kindly! Utah is trying to pass a law now that it is against the law to smoke in your own house. Tom said soon he will be breaking the law smoking inside...which he hardly does especially when grandkids arrive...but he is against making it against the law to smoke in your own house.
I am too fat, myself. I have diabetes so that makes it even worse to do. Our habits can kill us, but do we need that fact pointed out on a daily basis? Why is it so much easier to discuss someone else's problem? It just is, that's all. Is gossip a vice?
hmmmm, I think so, especially if the discussion is not kind.
I liked this video. Doc and you made jokes. I guess fat people look fatter on couches...they just spread out more!

Janice said...

I enjoyed your gave me a good laugh. I just happened across your blog and it brightened my day, thank you.


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